March Mellow

Mellow this week mainly because i have to study for the big level up test and had some jobs to finish. But tomorrow is friday and the end of the big two day test so there is definitely going to be some mischief happening tomorrow after the test. there is still some interesting stuff here though.

these elementary school backpacks are super expensive and last for like 6 yrs according to chihiro. i looked on their website and their new model is 35,000 yen ($386)!!!!

a giant daruma still with no right eye

Pause talk at cafe pause in ikebukuro. I met up with American illustrator Josh Mckible aka Mckbillo and we went to this talky thing where creatives talk about stuff.

Chihiro said that this style was in style like last year. thank god because its making my eyeballs sting. or it could be the blinding white light coming off those thighs. anyway im glad the lesbian/MILF/mountain hiker look has passed.

why does google translate suck so bad?!!!!! is ZOWIE even a word!!!

this is funny. our teacher was prepping us for test taking. she showed us what a proper good student looks like. proper posture, appearance, and speech. she also drew that picture on the board and showed us where to look at our conversation interviewer. she said japanese people don't like it when you look at them in the eye so you should look at them only in the area from their nose to above their melons. how rediculous is that. tommorow i'm going to stare only at my interviewers eyes and melons and hopefully she'll get distracted and i'll pass.

japanese people get to use lots of cool stuff in their ads because they have made tons of cool stuff. Im not a super dork so i dont know the name of this famous old school anime guy, gigantor?

here is a one gulp beer with a kiwi for size comparison. why.

this is a bag made my my classmate Marco Pardo of Madrid.

once you're here you'll see how infrequent the trash cans are. that means you have to carry a gum wrapper for 2 miles sometimes. a banana is probably one of the worst things you can eat on the street because then you have to carry the peel betwixt your thumb and forefinger held vertically away from your body like a pansy for hours. I know, i've been there.

there's all these cute mini backhoes everywhere. and i didnt know what backhoes was all about until autospelling corrected it and now it all makes sense. i have just been calling them "back O's" like i am 3 years old. I am 29 :( sigh.

if this was america i would laugh and say you can kiss those friends good by Miho Chan because once you're off to college you'll never hear from them again. but... amazingly Japanese people maintain their friendships with their highschool and middleschool friends. and even elementary school! which i dont know how thats possible because i can't even remember elementary school except for saying backOs a lot.

the bike parking garage that i am forced to use by the evil forces of economic pressure brought on by municipal city policies. who do i punch? economic pressure or municipal city policies? that's right. municipal city policies. wait till i get my hands on him/it/her.

is this supposed to be one of those soothing blue anti suicide lights that are on some train platforms that i've heard about? because if it is it's the only one on the platform and has an effective range of 11 inches and it might not be so useful.

jogging on the way to tokyo tower. usually i see tons of interesting stuff on my runs but dont stop cuz i don't want to lose that runner's drive but these were just so weird i had to. don't worry big bros spring is around the corner and they'll take those torture hoods off you soon.


Rob said...

back o's. That is priceless.

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That last photo is very interesting.