Sayonara Mi Young

Sayonara Mi Young week. Mi Young was my classmate for a month she was part of our 3 man fun time group. With Mi Young, a female, we three were fun cool friendly partiers. Now without Mi Young it's just me and Marco and we are 2 scary dirty foreign guys that repel women like mice in a room full of elephants.

me wearing the giant grape fruit that Mi Young's sister gave me for my birthday. you know its big when it can fit on my humongous head

cushion at a yakkitori restaurant in roppongi. hey im an artist so you're gonna have to put up with art related pics from time to time if you're reading this blog.

Ai is running a 10K marathon so she wanted to train. I run 7K a couple times a week so I said i would run with her. We ran the course around the imperial palace. its 5K once around so we did it twice. I was surprisingly easy for me except for my knees were hurtin. it was cool to run around where the Emperor of Japan lives

Ai looked like the japanese female Marty McFly from back to the future.

there are tons of various messenger boy scooter guys all over the place. they zoom around all dangerously. I have turned into a little pansy now since i have been hit by a car.

1 of 2 Sayonara Mi Young party nights. this is at a yakkitori place in omoide yokocho in shinjuku. its a cool area.

there is this system of alleys behind the restaurants and they all share a bathroom area at the end of this alley. it reminds me of china kind of.

The 3rd time i've had to use one of these squater toilets in japan, behind the omoide yokocho restaurants. As an added bonus i have given you a first person point of view shot because i value the readers of this blog so much. maybe this is TMI for you but hahahah to late your eyeballs already have this image burned into them! ahahahahah

at Alps in Shinjuku with 150 yen beer

Vivia and my chinese classmate

have been experimenting with these little drinks that are supposed to make you not have a hang over and feel better and other magical stuff. its a great way to make money, sell people crap like this that they think might work. still waiting for the juries verdict but so far i feel like they might work, see they already got me.

all you can eat kushiage restaurant in shinjuku. you batter and fry little bits of meat, fish, veggies, etc... and fry them yourself in this little deep fat fryer in the middle of the table. it was pretty cool. but when will i learn my lesson about all you can eat places? im not 16 yrs old anymore and cant eat 7 dinners at once. We also got the all you can drink plan too. to anyone out there learn from our mistake. all you can eat and all you can drink at the same time is not a good idea so if you have a choice do one or the other, your stomach is only so big and there's always a time limit!

at a Purikura place in shinjuku. purikura are these photobooth things. examples below. above is a "Gyaru" probably supposed to be something like "Gal". anyway this specimen has the signature gross gyaru hair.

after taking the photos you then go to another booth and draw all over them pictures digitally and choose they layout ect... Vivi was like a pro. touching all over the touch screen applying cute crap all over the place with her magic jappy wand.

the lighting in the photo booth blasted you from all sides and the result is that every man looks like boyband idol. look at Marco. he looks like such a maricón

Sayonara Mi Young we will miss you!