Frio Febrario

Mansion for Rent. There are definitly no mansions around here. but this is word is used by the Japanese in this way.

lots of goodness crammed into little spaces

or lots of old 80's crappiness. one of many many examples of garages where the owner's cars only fit 75% of the way in. Tiny tokyo

went to this izakaya in shibuya with the Sapporo crew and they had this awesome 80's signage still in use.

it was Yuko's birthday and she had a nomihodai (all you can drink) party in harajuku at this place called Reissue. it was pretty cool it was just like a living room. thats all there is, this one room and a bathroom. it was cool

afterwards karaoke. the room we got looked like a 15 yr old's room

after that at a club across the street. don't know the name but it was cool. they were playing rock and other weirdness. its cool cuz its not the usually club where everyone is trying to be so cool. this place is small and pretty friendly. stripy girls.

met lots of interesting folks. the girl in the middle had on some kind of quasi rocker goth outfit with some arm piece with lots of hair pins in it.

the girl in the middle had these endearing ruby shoes and the girl on the left had a half dinosaur hoodie on! awesomeness. they were 19 and going to some fashion design school in nakano

hahahaha these girls were funny. they were like little tobacco ewoks. they had on these long jane austin little woman on the prairie dresses and kept bouncing around and various tobacco products kept dropping out from their person onto the floor. i kept finding packs of cigarette filters, cigarette butts, ashes, lighters, etc... on the floor around where they were hopping around. they even have matching portable ashtray necklaces. hahahahah.

Here is Mi Young scaring some guy that was trying to talk to her because she was just laughing like a crazy woman all night long. this pic is toooooooo funny as Mi Young would say.


marco pardo said...

it was so funny. i finished laid down in the floor laughing. Love smoking ewoks so far