February Fun

you might say geez jason it looks like you have been having nothing but fun these days; and you would be right! There is a horrible imbalance in the fun-not fun scale right now so i bet i'm gonna have to pay the piper soon. Here is some more feb fun time. Lots of awesomeness in this post.

feb 14th, Chinese new year in Yokohama. Chinatown in Yokohama is like China through Japanese tinted glasses. It's the worst Chinatown i've been to. its super clean, cheap food is nowhere to be found. whats wrong with super clean jason? well you're just kidding yourself if you think chinatowns are clean. After living in China i guess i will look at chinatowns differently.

everything looks like it got the disneyland treatment.

this guy stopped us in our tracks. this filthy dirty white panda with crazy milky eye lifting the lid off a bun steamer is not very appetizing.

I read that Yokohama's chinatown is mostly guangzhou people (from the south, the cantonese speakers, steamed pork bun eaters). they were serving sharks fin everything all over the place.

the poor kids in japan don't get grass.

300 yen ($3.33) for a pork bun?!!! i oughtta chain you to a post with the rest of the pandas. it was 500-250 yen for a pork bun all over the place.

goldfish earrings. i don't think he was selling anything. well except for crazy, and he is owning that.

marco and one of those rediculously small minis

a crappy chinese crap store. whats with this guy? it looks like he just got punched in the nuts. also notice the coins. there was a pile of coins under him too, people will throw coins at anything. it was in a store and obviously not a place of worship but still they insist.

the treatment of pandas in Japan is absolutely appauling. this cage is obviously too small jerks.

there were many others in the back suffocating trying to escape from their plastic enclosures.

chained up. disgusting. forget about saving the whales, we need to save the pandas of Yokohama.

waiting for the lion dance team to make their way to the next store.

i'm glad i'm not doing this in flushing chinatown for 6 hrs like i usually do in New York for my Kung Fu school.

some thing jutting off the side of yokohama designed by a spanish guy. probably nice in the summer. it would also be a skaters heaven but it looks all skate stopped up.

what is this a poster for. its disgusting and freaks me out

burger deats. i'm gonna use this in an insult somehow next time there is a girl i hate with an unsatisfactory/unattractive chest area.

whats this new beer i found? unless they unearthed a case from basement storage from the 70s.

Melissa and ET visiting from Beijing. ET is probably literally crazy.

we met this guy. ET said im ET, he said no way my name is EQ. he was pretty drunk and crazy and fun.

im torn between wanting to poke their eyes out or being their friend

this has to be the most amazing thing i have seen in like the last 3 months. You have heard about how advanced and crazy the technology is in Japan. well here it is first hand. you Neanderthals are probably still carrying 4 babies simultaneously in some kind of leather papoose thing. ever heard of the wheel guy? you could be pushing your 4 kids around in a pink mini insane asylum cage on wheels. Japan has the US beat in the multiple child transportation field again.

seriously how awesome is this?


Rob said...

I think of imbalance of fun of you getting hit by a car is getting evened out right now by the copious amounts of fun that you are currently experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you to your old self Jason. For more on that creepy picture see: http://kageki.hankyu.co.jp/

They are musical performances where all the performers are women/lesbos.