Feb Funky Town

Great post title right? F-u, try coming up with 10 original febuary related post titles every year. Ok lets dive in!

So from time to time i have to take reference shots to use when i draw. this was for a golf illustration. if someone were to happen into my room when i am doing these reference shot photo shoots they would be freaked out. to someone who doesn't know it would just look like me dancing around and taking pics for some weird japanese fetish site.

4 guys filling the vending machines. in the US this is a one man job. but in the defense of the Japanese they probably found some superior and more awesome way to fill vending machines.

the Louis Vitton bags of the Korean girls in our class. they are Korean and not Chinese so i am guessing that these are real.

Final Fantasy Elixir at the conbini. if i was in 9th grade again i would be all over this, gaining 10 HP per gulp all over this mother lover.

Takashimaya in Shinjuku. this thing is huuuuuuge. it looks like its from a futuristic terry gillam movie. and by that i pretty much mean "Brazil"

Yae Jin from our class and Marco. she is super shy and the action of me taking this picture almost killed her

my roomate Naoki on the left

Vivi, Ayako, and Hikari explaining some egg skin girly thing to Yae Jin, only with a lot of gusto so they were scaring the super shy Yae Jin from my class.

I love getting stuff like this in the mail from city hall about things i have no idea about. its important though.

Vivi and Ayako from FIT and the girl on the right was a cheerleader for the Indiana Pacers NBA basketball team. crazy

street in Nishi Eifuku. it looks like so eerie right? this perfect utopian street at night.

magazine section of a convenience store. lots of soft skin mags

michael is everywhere

i see this BNE sticker everywhere. i wish they had made something nicer to look at

at "The Room" in shibuya. i met this guy and he happened to be the owner. how awesome does he look? he's like the Japanese prince paul. he even dj'd for a lil bit and was playing some nice beats.

wats up with this phone booth across the street from "the room". color not edited at all.