Tokyo New years 2009

A recap of the final few days of the new year and a few into 2010

Ok so my Daruma finally got his other eye filled in because my goal was to live in Tokyo. I got my student visa the other day so I can officially live here for 1 yr and 3 months now. I made him wall eyed cuz thats the only way i've ever seen them. Now is a good time to tell the story of how in the emergancy room at the hospital Daruma himself was in the bed across from me. It was this super short guy with glasses, daruma like eye brows, and he was wall eyed. but it gets better. I was a little out of it but he either had no legs or just amazingly super short legs and...he was wearing red pants! he just kept rocking back and forth while sitting up in his bed looking past me and babbling as if he was a daruma doll itself. I was all doped up on meds and was like what the H is going on in here. Maybe the 8,373th incarnation of Daruma saved me in that emergancy room.

So this is the bonsai that i saw at the flower shop near my house the other day and i bought it for 1050 yen. there is something about growing plants that is thereputic, but when the plants are miniature frail versions of large plants you really start to feel the god complex come on. How beautiful is this thing? It literally brings spring to my desk! and for my botanical fanatical friends its called "Chaenomeles Japonica" wikipedia says that western gardeners call it the flowering quince although all quince have flowers and some call it just "japonica" but what the heck kind of name is that? Japonica just means japanese crap. I can totally see how old school brush painters could be inspired to make 30 foot paintings of flowers now. I am going to give it a shot.

This is Tonan, like Conan with a T. he is one of vivi's friends. after an all you can drink Bo nen kai (forget the year party) with vivi and her highschool friends the boys went on to a club in Roppongi, Flower. There was more alchohol, dancing, and going home at 5:30 am and hangovers. I get a message from poor Tonan at 10:30 am saying that he fell asleep on the train and finally got home. hahahha

i was too feeling like this guy to laugh at him. Why do i always get so drunk and hungover the day before new year's eve so that i am garbage on new year's eve?

dont know what these are called or what for but they are some kinda new years tradition i saw various households attatching to the entrances

2010 year of the tiger

New year's eve, i took a pic of this alley where i parked my bike just in case i got too new year's eve'd up and forgot where it was.

inside club atom. the top floor is the hip hop floor, which is like a small room, so it was super crowded and unfortunately the 80% guy ratio seemed to include tons of US army and Navy dudes. Good ol' Japan with its quirky sheit. I was getting forearmed by a big bouncer and he pointed at this sign on a table near some couches and stools. it says "Ladies Table". I'm like wtf does that mean dude!!? I look and sure enough it is nothing but ladies sitting back and relaxing while the rest of us are all sweaty and getting pushed around. A ladies table? come on! why even come to a club if you're gonna hide behind the secret force field of the ladies table.

searched for Fumika, Lena, and Betty for 20 min, look on my phone and see that Fumika has been throwing up and they left. I go out to meet them and all the other iniberated new years eve tokyo people. This picture says it all, Fumika screaming happy new year in her awesome voice and us stumbling around trying to make sense of it all.

betty with fufu's grapefruit juice, fu-man chu, and lena. doesn't grape fruit juice seem like the last thing you want to buy for someone who is throwing up?

while fu fu and lena slept me and betty wandered the night. fumika, betty, and I went to FIT together in NY. Lena is fu fu's friend from when they went to school in Texas of all places. Anyway after mcdonald's, and an attempt to buy a big mac for 200 yen that 5 minutes before was available for that special new years price but then suddenly was not we stopped for the first time at the shrine on the way to my house cuz you're supposed to do that on new years.

next day tokyo tower from the base.

for 1050 yen you can get this special Tokyo Tower dried and flattened squid that is like 3 feet long.

another shot of the insidious doctor fu man chu

the under pass btwn shibuya west exit and shibuya east exit. its a hobo town. I'm going to be living here eventually

and after the first round of flowers died and shriveled up just like my hopes and dreams, the second round is starting to bloom. its spring again