Best of 2009 - Part 1

Its time for my best of 2009 picture review. I am so clever and posted the 3 part series in reverse so when you look at it it will be in order. 2009 was a year spent 75% in China and %25 in Japan. I visited Korea, I visited Japan, I went on trips to souther China and western China. Experience points a'plenty were gained. Let's take a look. It stuffs me up looking at all these pictures. I hope you can take some inspiration out of it all.

Bam right off the bat fresh out of the gates in 2009 a trip to Seoul. Sam Bap and all its delicious green leafy wrappings.

got to see some old Yonsei buddies after 8 years. oh and that A-hole Yoon was there too

saw my old Astoria roomie Seung eun and met her two illustrator buddies.

this good ol' dukbokgi place is still in hongdae

what can i say korean food might be my favorite so it made the best of 2009 a lot this year.


aftermath of the first night of chinese new year.

sweet potato chips. i ate 500 bags of these. they are amazing and are a winter time treat in Beijing.

i found one of several reasons why my apartment was FREEZING! you could see the sky through this hole

illustration for Yahoo!

Da Tong in Shanxi province. its a smaller city and super dirty. It was a good experience to see all this though.

Yun Gang caves. thousands of buddah carvings. amazing.

hanging monastery. also awesome.

the beginning of the dirties train ride ever back to Beijing. by the end of the 6 hr ride the floor would be covered in spit, sunflower seeds, gum, urine, feces, cigarettes, paper, garbage, strait up dirt, and more miscelanous garbage. enough for the cleaning person to be able to push a foot high pile of garbage with a broom over everyone's feet who were unfortunate enough to have an aisle seat.

my new bike in beijing. I think it was $40. I miss the flatness of Beijing.

lots of grocery store adventures.

doufu nao and xiao long bao down the street from me. awesome, my stomach rumbles with hunger when i look at this. I ate this soooo many times. staple food right here.

this liver and peppers dish was a staple for me too.

so was qua'r - meat on a stick

alex vs. big boy in the mcdonalds themed drinking game. This photo represents the countless nights out in Sanlitun partying with everybody.

me presenting at Pecha Kucha night in Beijing.

my dear old parents came to Beijing. They're gonna come to Japan too. Its nice to see them on the other side of the earth.

oh how i miss rolling down the street on my bike late at night to this place to sample some new foods and drink a beer. This picture represents the new street food i would try everyday.

THE number one staple food for me, gong bao ji ding aka kung pao chicken. this cost 9 rmb ($1.30). Look at how much food that is! it can't even contain itself! this picture represents how cheap food is here and how plentiful it is. believe me after being in japan you miss these portions.

messed up fore arms from Wing Chun kung fu class. its from tons of forearm conditioning exercises where you slide your forearms with someone elses to practice blocking until your skin rubs off.

lots of trips to 798 the hotspot in the fine art world in the world these days. oh and thats angel in the front, she's still part of the best of 2009