Before my Birthday

This was taken before my bike was actually taken away. I thought that someday they police are gonna take my bike away for parking it illegally like everyone else does. and then a week later they did, only i think it was the Ebisu station people because i followed the map to where they were keeping my bike and i just have to pay 2000 yen to get it back from them. i pretended to be a stupid foreigner which is what i am but he didn't care. How are they gonna get people to ride bikes and be green when its such a hassle. the legal parking area is so far from the station and costs 100 yen for 12 hrs. the illegal bike parking is anywhere you want. i think that it says on signs the days that they will take the bikes away so now that i know that maybe i can escape the ebisu station bike a-holes

under the bridge near my house

rode to suidobashi to this martial arts supply store. found this guy along the way. who is he?

he had a deer detail on the side.

and on the other side was a "manner station" for poor tabacco addicted people to huddle together and smoke.

near suidobashi station. what is this place?

the ride to suido bashi went past the imperial moat

sleepy guy in front of uniqlo

there is an area called nonbei yokocho in shibuya behind the 109-2 building that is kind of secret and filled with those tiny tiny bars that seat like 6 people just like in golden gai in shinjuku. this is the most popular one i think called "Non". it has an upstairs floor. what you see is what you get. its so small. looking out the window you can see the train tracks that are at a 2nd story height. I was with my spanish classmate Marco about to take the last train home when he bumped into his spanish pals who play in a band. we went for a drink and they played. it was awesome. crammed in the upstairs of this tiny bar, trains in the background 2 stories high, accordian, guitar and spanish vocals. it was a cool night.

accordian music is awesome. there are all these super tiny buttons you have to press on the other side.

i have never seen or heard of this beer before but it is made by sapporo.

went to crayon house in omotesando. its supposedly the best children's book store in tokyo. they had a "ladies floor" too with all products aimed at women. there are also ladies only cars on the train and ladies day at the theatres on wednesdays with cheaper tickets. why all the special treatment for the ladies? my friend said that while all the salarymen are at work the ladies go out and spend the money so they need to do something to get this huge target market to buy.

i am so stupid that i can't even read this book for 3 yr olds. i mean i can read it but i dont know what it says.

if you're asian you can get away with drawing asian people like this.

crayon house cafe looks like it would be awesome in the summer time.

why do i leave this mask from korea out in the open. sometimes ill wake up in the middle of the night and be freaked out.


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