Some side notes from this Mie trip

1. Fumika's grandparents live with them but in a separate part of the house so they are almost like they're roomates, popping up every now and then at the refigerator and then shuffling back to the other part of the house. Her grandfather was in WWII and said he worked with American soldiers after the war. Interesting right? he still looks in ok health too.
2. Fumika's town is a little little town where everyone knows everyone. i asked her if anything bad ever happens there and shes said "gropers". even there gropers will follow girls and grab them. she said it happened to her twice in her own town. she said she doesnt know if all they want is to cop a feel or if it goes past being gropers into rapers. she said she saw the guy in her town recently. so weird that this happens and they don't go to jail
3. Her mom goes to english class every week and her dad studies english everyday with audio lessons. interesting right?
4. Nintendo was not called nintendo. yes the company name was nintendo but the product was called "fami con" (family computer). next was "supa fami con" (super family computer aka super nintendo). next was Nintendo roku yon (nintendo 64)
5. A computer is not komputa, komputa is like some real technical computer not a personal computer so they say "passa con" (personal computer) for laptops, macs, pcs.
6. A Shrine is a shinto religous place and a Temple is a Buddhist religious place. finally got it cleared up with fumikas dad.