somewhere near azabu juban. i like the art at the top of this dog grooming building.

strangley out of place architecture everywhere in daikanyama. this one has an unfortunate eyesore behind it

i have been eyeballing these things for weeks but never went for it so i did. i guess its like some kind of flan/pudding thing and it wasn't that good so now i know.

swaziland in some park near daikanyama

Miyage is the word for "souveniers" kind of. it is a commonly know courtesy to bring something to someones house or bring something back from whatever trip you went on. most of the time its crackers/candy/cookies/sweets and things of that nature. I have only lived in this house for 10 days and there have already been 4 rounds of different miyage from different people that have passed through this table. they have all been delicious. above are some kind of spongy sweet rice cake things. I am going to Nagoya/Mie on an overnight bus tonight to visit Fumika from FIT so to be a proper member of japanese society i had to go buy some miyage. luckily i asked my roomate last night and he listed off 3 places right off the bat that he always gets people. so i went to this chocolate place. He also recommended this cheesecake place and a bean place. beans. sweet beans, regular beans, yoghurt covered beans. beans. i have to learn further about the art of giving miyage.

billboard for the tokyo animation college. get a degree from here so you can work like a dog and get paid crap
can't get enough of this dango stuff.
can't wait to try miso katsu in Nagoya tommorow!