Dango tune and China descrimination

Two things:

my buddy Fumiko left a comment about the "Dango" that i tried yesterday (pictured below) watch the youtube video if you're a Dango/ricecake/tango/animation/Japanese lover. You won't be sorr. EDIT ----- FUMIKO ADDED THIS COMMENT "Hey!! not flamenco!! It's TANGO because it's a DANGO song! get it?". I KNEW IT WASN'T FLAMENCO I JUST COULDNT THINK OF WHAT IT WAS AT THE MOMENT. THANKS AGAIN FUMIKO!!! hahahahha

she said this:

Dango is 3 or more small rice cake balls on the stick.
Check this out! It was the famous song for dango!"

Item 2: a random forgotten memory from China: when i was walking down the street in Guilin in southern China i saw this middle eastern looking guy walking down the street seemingly minding his own business. then i see a chinese police officer yelling at him to stop and the guy does, and then the officer walks over and forces him down on his knees and his hitting him with his night stick. not super bone breaking hard but still enough to be insulting. I am assuming that this racial profiling is because, like it or not, most shady looking foreigners in China are shading looking for a reason: because they are! And are involved in drug dealing, counterfitting, and all that good stuff. Anyway it is surprising to see such blatant racial targeting combined with police violence in broad daylight in this little city of 3 million people in southern china. One of the advantages of looking asian. I still high tailed it out of there though.


Fumiko Yoshioka said...

Hey!! not flamenco!! It's TANGO because it's a DANGO song! get it?