Video clips i can publish now that i'm out of Youtube blocked China

Now that i don't live in china i can post on Youtube again! here are the best of the videos from 2009 from Beijing, China

Wind up Totoro toy i bought at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka Tokyo.

Qianmen Hutong area in Beijing, China. guy shaving noodles into boiling broth for us to eat. I forget what you call this kind of special noodles. This is where i saw my first grandma who used to have bound feet.

Zhang Yimou - impressions of liu sanjie show in Yangshuo, China. Zhang Yimou is the famous director whose earlier award winning movies about china were all banned in China. Later he directed Hero, and the House of flying daggers and also was responsible for the 2008 Beijing olympics opening ceremony. the guy likes to use people power for sure. some thousands of performers and locals are used in this show.

On the Li River in Southern China, guangxi province. water buffalo, bamboo rafts, limestone mountains. finally got my big bird goes to china shot on a bamboo raft of buffaloes in the water!

Long Ji Rice Terraces in Guangxi province in southern China. its called the Dragon's backbone the way the fields are terraced like that. one of the most memorable hour's in China.

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China. This is a normal day at the park. Dancing elderly weirdos, except for we're the weirdos now because we are the foreign devils on their turf not gettin down.

Moto rickshaw ride after the forbidden city. it was raining, taxis were impossible to get so the 3 of us smashed into the back on this tri moto rickshaw.

quasi bellydancing Sizzlin' hot MILF at the temple of heaven in Beijing China. inside the weirdo gauntlet.

Guangxi province, Southern China. climbed to the top of this mountain or watever in half the recommended time cuz we had a bus to catch. super super sweaty, tired. limestone karst mountains scenery and the Li River was the payoff at the top. def worth it. at the end that's our tour guide who said she never wants to climb that thing again.