Shimokitazawa tour

Shimokitazawa is a cool area in west tokyo(most of the cool neighborhoods are in west tokyo).

it was raining, and has been raining for a week, but when i walked out of this tunnel it reminded me of that long scene in Ghost in the Shell, in the rain, showing spots in futuristic tokyo. kind of magical.

space is not an option everywhere you go. look how small this sink is.

food portions are def smaller too. i have been hungry a lot this last week so when we saw this all you can eat indian food buffet for $10 i was so happy... and full

someday i will try one of these $5 + crepe/icecream/crap things, probably when i get used to japanese sized food portions and don't want to eat hamburgers all the time.

i liked the texture and look of this sign

i saw this movie this year, not bad, inside this store they had lots of stuff in the style of wat they wore in the movie, ben sherman etc...

found a hukkah spot, can't really say its a bar cuz it had super shallow low bench like seating along all the walls so it felt like you were in someones basement smoking completely legal shisha from water pipes. there is even that particle board with holes in it like you would find in your dad's garage with various tools hanging from S hooks. just like a garage or basement smoke out room. The guy that works there's brother came too, they looked alike and it was weird, they both had fu manchu beards and mustatches

I like a lot of Japanese illustration, whimsical, naive stuff