Design Festa Day 1

Design Festa is a huuuge art event held twice a year in tokyo. It's put on buy the same people that run the Design Festa galleries in Harajuku that i posted before. It was awesome and I am gonna go back again tomorrow. I can definitely recommend this to anyone who is lucky enough to be in Tokyo when it goes down. There are weirdos galore, hot ladies galore, bad artwork galore, good artwork galore, and tons and tons of stuff to buy mostly made by artists.

held near odaiba at a place called "tokyo big site". this looks like where an evil japanese corporation who makes deathbots would be set up.

ok so maybe i am confused a lot in japan as to which catergory a girl should go in because cosplay, and werido stuff don't really turn my crank

this was the most incredibly cute thing i have seen in Japan. this mom brought her daughter and she was yelling out like a shop keeper for people to come over. she said she would draw you for candy. Fumiko (from my FIT illustration classes) had a piece of candy so hiroko gave it to her and she started drawing with great intensity at her little pint sized desk. So cute it just makes you want to kick a puppy to correct the balance of the world.

another bring your daughter to work day couple? these weirdos were marching along while her mom played a clarinet. Everyone was happy, atmosphere was great, its a good time.

well that get up works at least. she got lots of people coming over to buy her faux sweets keychains.

this guys stuff was cool. i bought a print of a rabbit.


snot bubble

weird looking girl dressed in elementary school boy uniform. i think girls wear a skirt and not shorts? not totally sure. or it could be a weird looking boy i guess, who knows.

these were awesome. but they were $700

thats Fumiko in the middle. she recently moved back to japan after working like a slave for 2 years at an evil greeting card company. working at a greeting card company is one of the only full time jobs you can get as an illustrator and she had to do it to maintain a visa to live in NY. weirdo girl on the left has cat eye contacts in

i bought one of these curtain things. she said its a story about something. I caught these elements 1. a nut 2. a thousand years 3. a tree

this dream capsule machine did not contain any dreams/fortunes/witty saying/poems/etc.... instead it contained capsules with two pieces of gum with the guys artwork on them. i was dissapointed.

wat is wrong with these people. there is way too much traffic at this booth that has fotos of nothing but cats.

for 2oo yen ($2) per person you get to sit in one of these while a staff member rocks you.

what is wrong with these two? all photos of that woman, and not like artistic statement fotos or ironic fotos, they were dead serious fotos.

later i saw in the guide that this band was called "Cutie Pie" they were your basic high energy side stepping japanese girl pop band. the guitar player wasn't even playing, and i don't know if the DJ girl to the right was going anything either.

samurai sword umbrellas.

some dancers gettin fabulous. design festa also has live performances and random booths of people performing their own live music.

was so hungry these glistening slabs of lamb meat looked like pure gold. but i got taco rice instead which was super small and sucked.

thin natural wood spoons. whats worse for the envioronment these or plastic?

this girl was seemingly all by herself. she was like a little adult woman with magnifying glasses.

there were lots of booths selling dolls. lots of anime features dolls and stories about dolls so i think japanese people have a thing with dolls. I could go into it more but i wont.

lots of people waiting in line for these fortune tellers. like in korea and china people here belive in this. there were a few booths of fortune tellers. they're so popular looks like an easy way to make a ton of money on a saturday.

a booth with nothing but llama fotos. this one if for Karol who just moved to Chile.

i could not tell what was going on here.

we asked who the guy was, i was expecting it to be a politician or something but the lady said its the artists old drinking buddy. hahaha awesome.

a booth doing fake wounds for 500 yen, might have been a school promotion.

weird, but his other stuff was cool

looks like this girl from before had a booth that was her themed because it was all drawings of her

japanese monsters

this guys 3d art was awesome.

this happens a lot in japan.

live painting. reminds me of brazilian street art.

one of the guys responsible for some of the live painting.

love that hand at the top middle and the

she was singing gross high pitched japanese "folk" music

wat is wrong with her? all fotos of white tigers. this is wat i would exhibit if i was 10 again.

these two were responsible for the worst music i've ever heard. both were playing with great intesity, the problem was they were instensly playing sheit flute techno.

a hot food vending machine, french fries, hot dogs, grilled rice balls, etc... reminds me of the food vending machine at SUNY albany in the basement of the tower on indian quad, except this food is probably waaaay better.

we saw this little adult girl woman on the train with her mom again. she was reading a fashion magazine that is for glittery plastic shibuya girls like nobody's business. she looked like she was 10 yrs old or younger but her mannerisms were totally adult.