1st Night out in Roppongi

Roppongi is an area that is notorious for being party land, more specifically foreigner party land where foreigners get drunk, buy drugs, do bad things, and paint the town red. But every Asian city has an area like this, in Beijing it was Sanlitun. That doesn't mean people still don't hang out there, its just some people give it a bad rep.

I met Hiroko in Shibuya, while i was waiting for her i tried one of these. There are always seasonal limited time beers released so this Kirin autumn limited brew looked cool. it was ok, 6% alc made it less tasty i suppose.

i saw 3 tricked out "west coast hip hop style" cars drive by earlier that night and this is where they ended up, in the back corner of shibuya. funny to see this in japan, alive and well.

pink faced gorilla wearing 2 pink shirts, pink toilet paper, 2 bottles of pink something.

look at this awesome poster for something. i dont know if its stolen art, but if it is they still did a good job stealing it and slapping their type on there. hopefully its original art, which would be awesome.

tokyo is crazy about no smoking these days. i think someone said you can't even really smoke on the sidewalk anymore, and come to think of it i haven't seen anyone doing that. i see a lot of smoking areas by train stations where people are huddling around like cattle. here is a no smoking sticker over the ashtray in this taxi.

a super crowded club/bar in Roppongi, don't know the name, lots of foreigner scum, saw at least 1 mama-san (female pimp of sorts), again super crowded, lots of dudes, cheapest beer was $10 heineken pints. so F that place, and other places like it in Roppongi.

two guys of who knows what nationality sittin in the window of starbucks checking out the Roppongi slots. I would be too if i was that old, good seats.

got out of that place and we tried one of these, which said in small print imported by kirin or one of the japanese beer makers so its not real german beer. oh well, still the beer in japan is high quailty and a very welcome change from China.

the bathroom in this area of Roppongi is called "Don Quihote" which is a chain mega store that sells every kind of crap there is. but its open 24 hrs and theres a bathroom on the 4th floor. perfect for inhiberated fools.

at the grocery store, i love deer designs and blue so thought this can design was way cool, didn't drink it though. next time.

trains in tokyo end around 12 midnight so you have to go home by then or stay out until the first train around 5 am. so thats what we did, and ate delicious ramen. also love how there are frequently pitcher of water at every table. icewater! anyway Roppongi is looking more and more like an area i shouldn't frequent that often because i want to avoid foreigner night crawling scum and avoid becoming one of them as well. But that was just the first impression.