Mid August

I guess most of the stuff in this post looks negative, so i just want to say don't get me wrong, i like beijing, there are just somethings, like everywhere in the world that don't turn my crank. 

the restaurant i eat at a lot is newly remodelled, doesn't look any different really but now they have this health inspection grade on the wall.  They got a solid C!  it only goes up to D, I feel a lot better about eating at this place now that i can rest assured that they are one grade away from being a sheit hole.  That gleaming red C on the wall is like a comforting candle in the window letting all know "we're almost dirty enough to be shut down, but but we squeaked by this time".

This is a new developemnt in china i think.  I have never seen chinese spam until this day at the convenient store.  it is double cool because it even says U.S. inspected and passed by dept of agriculture!  anyway this tastes like real spam

tried to go to the underground city below beijing.  it was on my list of things to do before i left beijing, only its closed to the public now! 

this is a "self-help providing machine of free condom"  i dont understand the imagery here, unless it is showing what is not supposed to happen if you use this machine.

Ritan park at the fishing pond.  this full grown man caught all these little goldfish, congrats guy, you defeated all the children around you and deprived them of their fish.

went out on the town with the brits.  stopped by maggies for a bit so we could all see what it was about.  Maggies is infamous for being a place where mongolian prostitutes hang out.  it had been closed down since before the olympics until recently.  I have to say it is a pretty amazing site inside.  The only girls inside are mongolian ladies of the night, and foriegn dudes.  so its basically a brothel.  amazing.

wat the heck are these graphs on the wall?

guys swimming in the filthy canal near my house and similtaneously adjusting their junk.  this water is disgusting.  there were even more guys swimming in it.

lake hou hai.  slightly less disgusting water.  this is where i kayaked and there were all the dead fish in the water.

everyone wears speedo like trunks and a lot of people wear caps.  that granny on the right is awesome.  anyway keep in mind that this lake is where people blow their nose, spit, hock loogies, clear their throat, squeeze the p!ss out of their babies, urinate when drunk, urinate when not drunk, throw garbage, throw chicken bones, deposit all of their aids, syphillis, ebola virus, etc... and there are probably a few dookies in there too.

guy on rooftop with his pigeons.  on another note i met the mom and the son of the pigeon family in my apartment complext while practicing kung fu one night.  you know the ones that have pigeon cages on their balcony.

on the left is an orange drink that i thought was going to qench my thirst after a run.  i started sucking it down only to find that orange jelly was filling my mouth, unexpected surprise!  and jelly is not a thirst quencher.  taht guy on there is ultra cool guy mega superstar Jay Chou, he is a singer and actor.  he was in curse of the golden flower and i just saw that he landed the role of Kato in that new Green Hornet movie.  Kato was played by bruce lee originally, so lets see wat this jay chou can do.  on the right is a cold noodle bowl from the store.  not very good.

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