Life After Angel

Angel is gone now.  But there IS life after angel

those plants in the water by the lake actually flower, purple flowers.

another nice day at the lake but wait whats that on the left?  I surveillance camera!  I didn't even notice it until this day.

another round up of chinese drinks.  from left to right.  the blue bottle had a cool design and little chunks of something in it, actually is pretty good.  Jujube juice is actually pretty good, although it tastes kind of like prune juice.  the yellow bottle was gross, its like a wheat or barley drink, barley tea is delicious but this was nothing like that, it was kind of thick and had lots of gross sugar.  Cantelope drink, fake but tasted like cantelope, i guess its ok.  finally!  tomato juice that doesnt taste just like blended up tomatoes!  finally i found a winner, def not the same as v8 but similar to campbells tomatoes juice so i'll take it!  the next one was gross and was like the barley drink.  the strawberry and carrot juice has me wondering if its really 100% juice like it says.  anyway again all of these have tons of sugar and are probably really bad for you except the tomatoes juice.

another cheese sampling.  this one is called "breakfast cheese"  it even came with a little breakfast cheese knife.  its basically the consistancy of margarine spread in a tub and doesnt taste like much of anything.  thumbs down.

its been a while since i had a real beer.  this british beer was pretty good.

this little sheit nugget has been wandering around the bottom of the stairs a few times.

i didnt even know there were ball bearings where the pedals connect to the frame let alone that mine where broken, i was just pointing at the chain thinking it needed oil.  this guy took it apart and fixed the bearrings and it took 30 minutes and it only cost 5 yuan (75cents) and he wouldnt take any extra money either.  75cents! 

this is what they are building next to me 24 hrs a day

i finally saw a cicada.  it was huge and making that noise that they make.

guys clothes are so boring, i wish i was a girl so i could wear these, these are awesome.

what i see out my window as i work til the wee hrs of the morning every night.  Once i saw a girl getting naked and changing!  it was awesome.  Since then i have seen nothing but old people and a lot of balls.  I think there might be a gay couple living in one of the apartments, its two guys in the same room sometimes naked just walking around, i don't know what else it could be.

out the bathroom window

i like this door, and i like how it has another little door that is locked inside of it.

in the bathroom of a bar in sanlitun.  i dont think they have to worry about this problem because getting a hummer in a p!ss soaked sanlitun squatter toilet bathroom is a huge turn off for both parties.

same bathroom

same bathroom

chinese lottery.  Insert a Darkin Brown monologue about how the lottery is the man's way of keeping the brothers down.  only replace brothers with chinese.

i have yet to drink the middle two.  the Qoo drink tasted like fake apple juice, tons of sugar of course.  the tall bottle reminded me a ceylon tea and Korea in the summer of 2000.  that was my fav drink so this one is cool with me.  it has tons of sugar though.

check one thing off my list.  Finally went Kayaking in lake hou hai!  its hard to go straight cuz your right hand is always stronger than your left.  i never see anyone doing this, maybe because its 60 rmb which is 8$ which is expensive for china.  There were lots of dead fish floating around and also lots of people swimming in it.  I was gonna swim in there because I was hung over and didn't care and was already soaked but after seeing all the dead fish i decided against it.  So Jason lives to see another day, unfortenatley for you!

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