July Overtime

More of life in Beijing as I work like a dog chasing that $

My bikes front brakes got messed up somehow and i tried for 15 min to fix them and then just went to one of the many many bike fixing guys on the street and he fixed it in literally 5 seconds but taking a socket wrench and loosening or tightening one wheel nut.  They know their stuff.

In order to try and cut down on my waste I am trying these yogurt packets instead of the big plastic containers i always buy.  you drink it with a straw.  I don't know if i can get used sucking my yogurt out of a plastic bag.

also tried this fruit bread which is always at the store and tons of people buy.  It was sweet and probably made of lots of bad stuff like bleached flour and other badies. 

This one is dedicated to Salih, who loved to try drinks in beijing.  I guess I have been in an adventurous mood at the grocery store lately.  Here are some that i tried.

from left to right:  50% tomato, apple and orange juice was overpoweringly strong with tomatoes, won't buy again.  Matcha Latte milk tea, sweet and a little weird, would buy their regular milk tea next time.  Minute maid grapefruit "juice", not really juice probably very bad for you lots of sugar but darn it if these minute made fake juice drinks are the most refeshing thing on a hot summer day.  Hawthorn berry juice, potent, sweet and sour, thick, kind of like drinking a bootleg smoothie.

from left to right:  mystery berry drink, i didnt get to drink this i think my roomate did (ball punch!).  Purple Drank, tastes just like grape coolaid, second most refeshing drink.  30% tomato, strawberry, grape, cherry drink was overpoweringly strong with tomatoes again.  Milk Coffee drink, sweet, doubt it was real coffee, did not feel any needed caffenie boost either.

From left to right:  Corn Juice, what was i thinking, tasted just like corn juice, sugar and flour.  like if you drained the juice from a can of corn added 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 table spoons of flour and mixed it up.  grossness.  Minutemaid random fruits drink, minute maid wins again with their fake juice drink, at least they all have 100% C on the bottles which i hope means 100% of your daily vitamin C is contained inside.  Blueberry drink, think it was %100 blueberry juice, pretty potent and not really an enjoyable drink, but at least its real juice.  This weeks lesson:  Don't drink corn juice.

our g-darn refigerator broke again.  we got the same guy to come and fix it again.  i hope my roomate said some mean things to him because we told him last time that it sounded weird and i had a feeling that it would break again after he had "fixed" it.  he was here for like 4 hrs off and on through the day until 9 pm.  Looks like he was pumping refigerant or cooling liquid or something into the fridge somewhere.  that poor guy.  and we didn't pay him anything either.

this is probably my favorite piece of paper.  I've watched him grow and mature.  once a thin piece of computer paper now he is coated with about 50 layers of acrylic paint on both sides.  i've painted at least 30 different backgrounds for illustrations on this guy.  I want to see how long i can keep it up. 

I have to plug this beverage again.  Taiwan beer.  it is tasty!  maybe its the Ponlai rice that i see listed as an ingredient.

taiwanese food.  the taiwanese sausages are sups yummy, they taste like they have cinnimon in them.

simple cooked asparagus served cold with something sauce.  prefect summer food.

speaking of summer it gets hot, thats why i was sad to see this, they said the gov't made it so you can't lower the air conditioner temp lower than 26.5 celcius.  this was at KTV

I don't know if it made the news in the west but in Asia the Eclipse was all the rage.  once in 600 yrs they say.  Shanghai and other parts of China directly in the path of the moons shadow had a 100% eclipse, while beijing had like a 79.1% partial eclipse.  I woke up at 8 am to see this sheit only to see a total pollution eclipse which occurs once every 2 days.  the Sun could not be seen.  i went back to bed.  Here is zizzo with his special eclipse viewing apparatus that tons of people bought.  i heard in india lots of people were even more superstitious than china and some craziness happened.

i have been meaning to take a pic of the crazy looking magazine stands here since i moved to china so i saw a good one sitting here near my house finally.

i don't think i ever posted pics of my room since i moved in.  here it is super messy after weeks of non stop work.  lots of inspiration taped up on all the walls.

lots of the bar "obiwan" down the street from my house in my life these days because I will finish working at 3 am or something and ride down there for a drink on the rooftop.

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