After Japan

sorry no posts for a few weeks.  i have been hustlin to make the money so i can move to japan so you can come visit me.

this guy IS summer.  for probably half the population of Beijing this guy represents summer at its finest.  burlap shorts, no shirt and a custom made faux burlap sack backpack with god knows what inside, down by the dirty dirty river.  hahaha

i tried 10 shots to get the purple right on my cam but couldn't get it.  anyway debbie mentioned a few times how shes never seen so much color in her life, especially purple.  I have to say purple is the hot color this summer in China.  here is a prime example.  the purple bros.  they could give 2 F's about what you think Yankee!  we are the purple bros.  we are in your face whether you like it or not, and at least these purple shirts are better than those burlap shorts you're wearing.

in Japan I had "hureshi toe-ma-to", fresh tomato at a drinking place and it was like the best thing i've ever had.  fresh tomato with japanese mayonnaise has reintroduced the tomato to me in a light i've never before seen it in!  actually not true my grandma used to serve sliced tomato and mayo in the summertime but i had forgotten about it until now.

my buddy jin went back to korea forever.  he has been in china for 13 years.  there was a little going away party for him, everyone was korean including me, except everyone there has been living in china for at least 6 years.

beautiful day studying japanese on my ipod by west lake. but wait....what's that i hear?.......

it's a cat that is in the middle of this floating watercress patch, unable to get out.  the only way i can think that he got out there was that someone had to have thrown it there.  no one helped it all day.  I wonder how long he was hanging out there clinging to the plants.  you know how i feel about cats.  anyway this teenage kid was throwing rocks at it.  rocks.  and its not my place to repremand the kid, i am not a member of Chinese society, there were plenty of old men, ladies, etc around and they all seemed to be ok with him throwing rocks at a drowning cat.  the cat probably deserved to be out there.  but i threw a rock at the kid (no i didn't hit him) and gave him the murderface and he went away.  i hate saving cats.

rode down a couple alleys around the lake and discovered lots of chickens and chicken coops.

i like how this section in the front is bright red and lit up.  restaurant by angels house.

some kind of lamb soup thing.  this cooking cauldron is huge, the pic doesn't do it justice, its bigger than the whole combined area of a regular american stove top though.  huge!

cool design.  salt, and mystery powders

cooking our lamb soup

lamb meat sandwich-ish tings

i had a flu for 2 days and i was scared because my friend QQ got quarentined in a hotel for 7 days after somone who supposedly had swine flu touched her.  i can't afford to let that happen to me so i stuck it out and it was gone after 2 days.  at the height of my flu my roomate brought me home this.  what a life saver!

thought i would try this black bread from the store.  don't knwo what it says but it tasted like potato bread. and im still alive

still searching for a V8 subsitute.  there is not substitute.  all you can get here is tomato water.  gross.  even campbell's tomato juice in the states that is just made of tomatoes tastes good.  but this stuff is gross.  even drinking tomato soup would be better.

My roomates friend brought her dog over.

people watching a michael jackson video.  you know that red arm band he wore?  did he steal that from the chinese?  they wear red armbands.  some are to show they are workers or something but i dont really know why they wear them here.

in front of higher and higher that bar we always drink at and sit outside in sanlitun.  this is gross.  they are actually playing beer pong on the street.  the ball is hitting the ground!  if you know the game beer pong the ball hits the ground a lot and you just wipe it off and resume play which means you try to get the ball in a cup of beer so that person has to drink it.  playing it in the states in someones house is gross enough but on the g-darn streets of china!  there are aids, hepatitis b/c/a, ebola virus, small pox, elephantitis, and whooping cough all over the streets especially in front of that bar what are they thinking!

zizzo went and got this done to his hair.  he has been hanging out at this jamacian themed bar called T7 nightly

i thought this was a bowl of those eggs you always see laying around but nope, they are plastic peeing babies for some reason.  wtf

Lauren found her dream laptop. Find the PC that's right for you.


Jung Eun said...

beautiful day indeed~ liked the picture so much!! and poor cat ㅠㅠ