Before the Parents come to Beijing

My Parents are coming to Beijing in a week so there will be plenty of new pics then. for now here is what i got. I have been working a ton so haven't left the house a lot.

Zizzo showed me this place down the street from my house. It is inbtwn my house and his house. The xiao long bao are way better than the place next to my house. The open and 3 am which is around the time we went. Here they are making tons of xiaolongbao in preparation for the breakfast wave. These are prefect. the ones by my house are too watery. Maybe I will take my parents here.

and this breakfast tofu thing is amazing. its called doufu nao (tofu brain). It cost 1 rmb (15 cents!)

just so you don't think that im having nothing but fun here. taxes are raping me. i could go into detail about the logistics of how they are raping me, which i have with a few friends but i won't get into that on this blog. Last year I had to pay $11,000. I will find out next week what i owe this year.

this is the burned out Mandarin Oriental hotel behind the CCTV tower that someone with fireworks set ablaze on the last day of chinese new year this year.
the owner of the taiwanese restaurant had a few of these laying around so he gave it to me. you play it kind of like pogs. I have now noticed kids playing this around town when before i didn't. I like how they threw in bootleg scooby doo, popeye, and probably a few other characters that i dont recognize that they dont have the rights to.


chicanohek said...

yo, cool pix of the food! I gotta admit that the doufu brain stuff looks more repulsive than appealing.