After the Parents

This post should really be called "Colors". lots of great colors in these shots. After my parents left, the next afternoon I took a bike ride around the Hutong areas btwn my house and Houhai searching for the perfect shot to use as reference for the NPR calendar i'm working on. so many amazing sights to be seen and things to be discovered along the way.

if you can't read it it says "Beijing No. 6 Hospital" interesting to think that they just number their hospitals

don't know what this says but it looks cool, looks like yellow chalk

look at all those complimentary colors on that clothes line!

tons of beer

this is the coolest/cleanest garbage tricycle i've ever seen, and again with the contrasting colors!

No Name Yunnan restaurant, i finally found it in this part of Houhai i've never been too. gotta try it soon.

Zizzo says this is the best xinjian restaurant, and it is just down the street from my house. I have to say it was pretty good, and the people working there looked like they were from Xinjian. Xinjian is a province in western China that borders a bunch of 'stans including pakistan, and afghanistan so it has a lot of chinese muslims and muslim influence, which is reflected in the food, which is delicious. On a side note i had to ask my friend about the proper wording, chinese muslims or chinese people that practice islam or etc....? I am so ignorant when it comes to religions, and even more so if it is Islam. There is really no excuse but come on, I bet a lot of you out there are the same! me so confused.

check out the colors!

paper cut art of kids wearing tiger hats. awesome.