Randoms and Pecha Kucha Night

I finally read "Guns, Germs, and Steel". Lily run's 2 book clubs and the one in Shunyi with the expat wives needed a book and I suggested Gun's Germs and Steel because Bob and others highly recommened it and I haven't read a book since Old Man and the Sea in 11th grade (I know im just kidding didn't we have to read that in like 6th grade or something? how cruel). But seriously i haven't read a book in tons of years. Anyway it was a excellent book and I found that i don't know what a lot of the agricultural crops look like in the field, let alone what they look like in the store. Anyway the author talks about foods that were indigenous to regions of the world. I saw this at the store the other day and was wondering maybe these are some of what he was talking about, and I will never know because i can't read the chinese. fox tail millet? sorgum? who knows?

my old astoria roomie Sueng Eun sent me the box of stuff i forgot in Korea including this tissue pack with a quote from one of your favorite songs written on it.

I met a Beijing Illustrator for dinner at this "Texas Roadhouse" and remembered why I stay away from them in the US. I don't know where they came from but there was a nice assortment of folks you would find in an american establishment like this, the majority being weirdos and hillbillie types.

liver is good, my momma used to make it and it was good. i think this is pig liver. it's $1.35

lamb meat on a stick sticks. made from bamboo. 2 for 75 cents. so for 2 dollars you can get pretty full

getting bruce lee shirts made! if you want to buy one let me know.

we hung out at the Taiwanese guys restaurant and I drew his son. He is like a little man child.

they have a new dog. he was humping this blanket for a while. I see dogs humping legs all over beijing. I don't see ton's of strays running around so I wonder how they keep the population in check what with all these dogs still having their balls and humping everything in sight.

I presented at this event that started in Japan that has grown into this event that is held in 176 cities worldwide now. It's for creatives like designers, architects, artists, etc... It's called Pecha Kucha night which means chit chat in Japanese. each presenter has 20 slides of their work and 20 seconds to talk about each one so 6 min 40 sec total.

it was pretty weird but i guess it was ok.

dinner, karaoke afterwards. this one is for you jerks

here is a preview of what i'm working on for the next Tiger Translate project.

fireworks are now illegal to set off in Beijing until next chinese new year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason, I'm interesting in buying one of your bruce lee shirts. think you can hook me up?

you're good ol' former co'worker