Yugong Yishan

I went to Yugong Yishan, a live music club. The first time i went the music was already over. This time i went there was just a dj playing hip-hop music and it was watever, it was hip-hop night. but i was in for a surprise.

Chinese B-girl. weighst 67 pounds soaking wet.

went out to drink some 35 cent beers at the store because i would spend a lot in there trying to get the job done. here are boxes of milk. they put them in these plastic bags and you're supposed to rip off a corner and drink away. like a juice pack only not sturdy so it really is like you're drinking out of a plastic bag.

then i came back to this! A live hip-hop band. i think they had some brass, guitars, bass, drums, all live instruments. and they were good too! and there was one chinese mc and one guy that i heard was half chinese and half something else so that guy raps in english and chinese. they have a kind of ragga sound a lot of the time. i was pleasently surprised and really into these guys. i gotta see them play again. live hip hop bands are dope and this one came out of nowhere to totally surprise me. OH YEA, I TOTALLY FORGOT TO SAY THEIR NAME: THE BEIJING LIVE HIP-HOP EXPERIENCE. someone already left a comment asking, i can't believe i forgot. Check em out!

they say xmas here is just for show and selling stuff and chinese people don't really know what they're doing. kind of like america

went with lily to eat at this super nice steak house in the mariott. it was free because she was doing a food review for the magazine. she had a 70$ wagyu (i guess some kind of japanese cow) steak that was amazing and i had a $40 steak that was also amazing but the wagyu beef was by far the best, i can def recommend but i will not be eating it again anytime soon, not for $70!

like most nice places in beijing there was no one in the mariott. there were lots of workers though. there were also these girls in the lobby, i dont know what their job was.

my parents are coming to visit in april and so i went to scout some hotels for them. the range I found was $30-$100, and they are pretty good. i'm sure you can get ok or lower end quality for super cheap. I did look at one that was like $200 a night but it was too nice and not a very good china experience.

western style one

this was a cool homey, comfy one with lots of character. they only have 8 rooms and they all connect to this courtyard hangout area

this was a traditional courtyard hotel, very nice

kim chi flavored chips. only they didnt taste like kimchi

sausage flavored chips

my friend jia jia bought this super small hat. which looks even smaller on my head

saw these sticker posters on the subway train of that singer

they've been playing this ad or public service announcement on the subway for months. its something to do with the subway system. this girl has a big part in it in the end and i hate her. those glasses. i just want to punch her in the face.
she kind of reminds me of vivi, my old japanese roomate. but i dont want to punch vivi in the face. well not that bad


Anonymous said...

wats that band call jason??
trying to look them up to hear their music.


Jason Raish said...

forgot to put that. The Beijing Live Hip-Hop Experience. thats their name. check em out if you can!