Xmas Eve in Kunming

i participated in this calendar project for angel's brand, UGK. the theme was "the green effect" so an environmental theme.

hand lettering by her on the back. pretty cool i think. she only had 200 made so they are super limited edition.

this weird stuff forms on the top of my tea's when the water cools down. i am kind of uneasy about it. is it something from the cup? i bought it at ikea and all their stuff seems like its actually ikea stuff so hopefully the chances of it being lead or something is lower. is it something from the tea? or is it something in my house that is super dusty? i dont want to get the ebolla virus.

the other day i saw this woman across they way from my window pulling up her little food bag from the top of the neighbors roof thing. i bet tons of chinese people dont use the refrigerator in the winter and just do this. heck we are doing it. but that is because our refrigerator has been broken for at least a month and my chinese roomates see nothing wrong with that as well as many other things that are wrong in this apt.

so while all of yall were spending your xmas warm and snug in your beds and at home with your families i was en route to Yunnan Province. it is a huge province in south western china. its geography covers the range from rain forests (they even have elephants there) to glacial mountains, which is where we went. Yunnan is also has the most ethnic minorities represented in any province. that is the big draw. we encountered two minorities, the Naxi and the Mosuo. here i am over beijing flying to Kunming, the capital city of yunnan province.

the new headrest covers on China Eastern looked kind of good.

we were originally gonna stay in this hotel in the middle of Kunming but then we asked this info desk lady and she seemed really nice and told us there was one right by the airport that was cheap. we had a 7 am flight to Lijiang (the oldschool city we were planning on going to because we don't want to hang out in cities for vacation). the hotel was so dark, and cold, which we would discover would be the theme for the rest of the trip. this hotel was pretty seedy. A great place to spend Xmas eve