Xmas Day in Lijiang - part 1

the airport in lijiang, looked more like a warehouse shopping stall mall.

this is over Lijiang. passed lots of mountains and beautiful sheit along the way. see those mountains in the background? it is 8 hrs by bus to lijiang from kunming or 45 min by plane. we would end up doing the bus on the way back which sucks but its more than half the price.

the tiny airport in lijiang.

bus from the airport to Lijiang New Town. we then had to take a taxi to Lijiang Old Town

this is the big peak of the Yulong xue shan, or Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. we "climbed" this badboy the next day.

at the entrance of the old town i was saddened to see the face of ken de ji ye ye smiling back at me. the old town was much more commercialized than i had expected.

it is super charming though, very clean, the cleanest place i've been to in China. There are canals running through the town and they are super clean because they are fed by this lake that is 5 mins away which is fed by springs that come up from under the lake so there is really no way for the water to get fouled up by the time it gets to this town. there are also goldfish in all the canals which makes it even more charming. there are also long grasses and plants growing in many of the canals flowing to and fro with the water. do i sound like marco polo here? well i was impressed even though i knew this town was a commercial tourist town.

this woman in red came up to us trying to get us to go here and there and find a hostel/hotel. it was kind of good that she did because we would wonder around being indecisive for hours if she hadn't interviened and been so pushy. we finally found a hostel, don't know if she gets a commission or not or if they scratch each others back because her and her husband have a car and they transport and give tours, which we would do with her husband the next day.

she took us to this little place to eat, i guess you can could call it a restaurant, it seemed like the most authentic Naxi (the minority people of the area) food place we went to.

this was painted on the wall on the way. i should ask wat it means. looks like the chinese knot things that are probably good luck or something

lots of meats hanging everywhere.

we got to eat these for lunch.

I don't know how they cook rice in these things or if they are just transporters/scoops but its cool.

everyone carried around veggies and stuff in these basket things on their backs.


the food was delish. there is some kind of rice cake thing that is black on the outside, those sausages that were hanging up were really rich and tasted like they were laced with cheese. they had this thick bacon type stuff that was yummy, and these pigs blood and rice things in intestine casings (they have a similar thing in Korea), and of course a heaping bowl of rice which they are not shy with in yunnan anywhere. they really pile the rice on.

you would always see people cleaning fresh green leafys in the canals, i saw one guy brushing his teeth with the water. there were lots of fields of green leafys even though the temperature was in the 30s and 40s at night. yummy yummy green leafys.