Spotlight on: Sonu Satchdev

This might be an ongoing series. The "Spotlight On" series. This installment features none other that Manmeet "Sonu" Satchdev. I met Sonu on the first day of college at my first school SUNY at Albany, a state of new york university in our fine capital (just kidding it is a horrible godforsaken grey and dismal land). Sonu is Indian, Punjai, and of the Sikh religion/culture? whichever one of those it is. he had his hair up in a turban or dew rag or something i can't remember. he was also a bigger boy than he is now, and he is still a big boy now. thats why it was so funny to see him carrying 1 single slice of paper in a plastic grocery bag, blowing in the wind. he used to be real hyper and perverted and crazy. Now he works with his brother and dad. He has 1 sister that i finally met and i've never met his mom and dad, actually i met his dad i think on that first day in Albany i think. He cut his hair off after his brother "Mono" did years ago. Monu was the bad crazier kid. I saw sonu's beautiful black silken hair once. it streched down to his knees. he was combing it with the finest sandelwood from the depths of the jungles in kerala. Now he is going to hell though because you're not allowed to cut your hair off in Sihkism. oh well, it was nice knowing you sonu. Just kidding I love that guy. friend for 9+ years now.

ladies and gentlemen you are in for a real treat. here is a rare glimpse at Manmeet's back yard. i don't know why they have extremely small benches. Sonu is a big boy, his dad is a big boy. Perhaps they are there just for my amusement? enjoy them i did. look at how small that bench looks.

some people describe sonu's talking as "italian ghetto gangster". i guess that might be close to the mark. Sonu grew up in queens, Jamacia i think so it makes sense. Here he is cursing out a neighbors small puppy. you gotta love that guy.

This whole post is relevant to this blog because Sonu is who took me and bob to the airport to come to china. It's a good thing we lied and told him the flight was an hour and half earlier that it was because we would have missed our flight. here i am with sonu and monu on the left wearing a shirt that had me worried and not wanting to be seen with these two anywhere in the airport for fear that they would cause all of us to be detained for interrigations and waterboarding. just kidding, come on! Thanks sonu for takin us to the airport! see you in Thailand!