Some Pre-Christmas stuff

I'm a fan of Jackie but this is going too far.

I went to the post office to mail my parents xmas presents. this is the first time mailing a box so i did not expect this. it's the counter where they have to open every box and inspect the contents. I had wrapped and taped my box up perfectly and then they had to slash it open and put one of those plastic zip wraps around it that really squeezed the life outta the box. i hope the stuff inside is ok. i can't say what is inside till after xmas cuz my parents will read this but lets just say i was sweating a lil bit cuz the american guys next to me where telling me that the jianguomen branch is pretty by the books about this stuff. anyway good ol chinese laziness resulted in only 1 item being pawed at and then i got the ok stamp. I also don't really know what was going on when i mailed it so i think that i stammered out that i need it there before xmas and that they can do it, its just getting shipped to hong kong first. well lets see what happens.

this ogilvy beijing. a huge global ad agency. angel works here. she has a high position. something to do with handling accounts.

ogilvy seems like a fun place to work. its warm. its friendly. they have a pool table. and foosball. and music. and coffee. and on angel's floor, the 11th floor. its almost all girls. she said yea its pretty good for guys that work here. all young sucessful well to do go get'em metro-women. you can sign me up for that. they also get tons of custom ogilvy products. like they have ogilvy leather wallets and stuff.

this is a lamb hotpot place that ryan saw on tv and tried a while ago and it was the best. and it was good. there is a special lamb meat that each table is only allowed to order 1 per table. good stuff.

face bar. they had these cool lanterns inside and outside

a lotta places in beijing have these kind of sinks. they are beautes. i was thinking that one day when i get a house i want a sink like this in the bathroom. I am partial to this blue one. not a fan of the weird copper tube that is supposed to be the spout though.

this was at pecha kucha night. its this presentation event thing that started in japan and each speaker gets 20 seconds per slide, 20 slides. which was really helpful when there was a really boring presentation or someone that was really off their rocker. its an architects/designer/photographer/artist thing so they were all supposed to be in those general areas. there was even this girl that is the project manager for RMB city a city being built in that online virtual world "Second Life". A chinese artist designed the city and now this other girl's real life job is managing this virtual city. amazing isn't it?

i might do it next time in february. maybe i should wear the white suit and shoes for that

x-mas dinner at the brits house. what a nice evening. it just warms my black heart so.

my roomate nana. she gave herself that name. she used to study japanese so she named herself after that manga for girls called nana. she's 26 and her boyfriend zizzo is 21 or 22. i've met a bunch of couples where the girl is a lot older than the guy here. anyway shes a small girl and her head is like the size of a pea. and i am a gorilla and my head is the size of a pumpkin. i will take a side by side comparison shot one of these days so you can see.

went with lily to meet this woman that does tea tasting events. turns out she used to own that cool looking tea house on 22nd street and 10th or 11th ave or something. the one that had the cool pond in it around the gallery district. she stopped the tea house after the rent was raised to $10,000 a month. it was actually pretty cool hearing her story and her life. she's really a painter though. her studio is in the other half of this furniture show room. they had a lot of noguchi stuff like the table and couch that i drew in my Jason's Smelly Pants book.

those green tea dusted pumpkin seeds or watever they were were yums.

this tea has a nice smell

finally went to coco ichiban. i guess its a japanese curry chain. it was ok. what i would expect from a chain. there was no on in the mall just like always.


Micaela Zahner said...

Looks like some good times, but I just gotta say, there are no MAYBES about wearing that white suit and shoes. You will wear them and you will stand proud.