Chinese Pop star Party

My friend ryan has been designing the packaging for cds, posters, ect. for these two pop stars, Vicky and Kimi. They needed someone to coach the guy, Kimi in english pronunciation because he was going to record a song in english in a few days so they called me. I don't have pics from the office but the first day i went and ended up singing a lot in english and talking with him. he's from Shanghai, he's 21 and they found him via an american idol kind of thing on a smaller scale he said. a cool experience. the next day i went to the studio with them to record the song. i wonder how it will come out after they do all the computer magic to the vocals.

I guess these are some of the CD's recorded at this studio. I recognize some of the people but i don't know anything about Chinese music so it's because i've seen them in movies.

The studio. most of the people sit around for hours and hours. it took 4 hrs to record the english song.

the people in gyms in China don't know what they're doing. they kind of just lift stuff a little bit and walk around. i haven't been to a gym in the US so i don't know if its the same there

they had a "sexy" belly dancing class in the gym also. there were a couple guys including myself staring and watching trying to block out the toads and focus on the nimble young things. I wasn't wearing weightlifting gloves or short shorts so i probably stood out.

i went to JWT Beijing to drop off my illustration samples to the CD that angel hooked me up with.

The boss lady of orange sky (the company of the singers) had a b-day celebration at this Karaoke place that was probably really expensive. They even had to young girls that were assigned to our room and just had to stay there the whole time and pour drinks, open drinks, adjust the lights, and even enter songs for you that you wanted to sing. it's probably not a very nice job. I felt bad for them but that didn't last long because i continued straight ahead to drunky land.

this is a studio shot of the guy Kimi that i coached in english.

and there he is just as clean as the studio shot in real life! They would have to photoshop a new head on me to make it work because there would just be too much resampling and work needed to make me clean. It would be like trying to re-touch a photo of a gorilla into a nice clean attractive young man. actually it would probably be an improvement if they photoshopped the head of a gorilla over my extreme gorilla face.

vicky the singer again

vicky and zoey, the boss lady. well im not sure who is the boss lady because she also works with her sister. maybe they're both the boss lady but it was her bday

she used to be a singer in hong kong and they even had her music video there so Vicky sang it. it was pretty weird to see the video then see her sitting there, then see the guy in the video then seeing him sitting there right next to her.

the karaoke party included, coreographers, other singers, various staff, managers, execs, and then me the stupid american. they were nice to me though. it also included at least 10 bottles of wine, and a grossly huge bottle of Chivas which was empty by the time we left. the result is you guessed it a wicked hangover for me. yay i am so good to me.

bonus pic! the eggs in china are super fresh. they don't even refrigerate most of them. so its common that you buy eggs and they are covered in dirt and or chicken shiet. now that's fresh!