Hong Kong - Tsim Sha Tsui

I had to leave for my flight at 4:30 so i had almost a whole day on monday in HK. went with Jennie to Tsim Sha Tsui, an area in Kowloon. took the star ferry again. i finally bought some stuff. we were shopping until i had to run to the airport. the clothes in HK are awesome. not that cheap i don't think though.

ate dimsum finally because my food poisoning was subsiding. see the resemblance?

giant soup dumpling display

i thought these trees were so cool. oh yea HK is catergorized as Sub-Tropical so there are lots of palm trees and other fauna that I am not accustomed to seeing. it was also still very warm there.

dragon air. this is a quality airline. they even have really glasses instead of plastic. the downside is when i got to beijing my suitcase was lost. Jennie says she never heard anything bad about dragon air so i still think they are ok in my book, as long as they give me compensation!

bought this at the ladies market in mong kok. i have done the lion dance at my kung fu school in new york before. the head is really heavy and it really does take a physical fit person to do it. it also does help if you have kung fu training because the movements are mostly kung fu movements. more stuff for grandma jason to add to his collection

jennie was amazing. she would just walk into a store and instantly point out the good stuff. i finally found a good hat that doesnt look like you put a hat on an orangatan. I bought a bunch of stuff at "black chocolate" a local HK brand and at react some little shop that is somewhere in some building in tsim sha tsui.

finally got another gorilla pod tripod to replace the one that is mysteriously lost that me and bob were looking for the whole time we were in beijing. also baby blue and pink bowties for me and bob. and i finally found affordable knit ties at the ladies market, $5 each. and a new wrist band. "you can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig, you can dresss up jason but he is still a gorilla".
- Barack Obama