Hong Kong - Macau

Macau is the second special administrative region in China although it is pretty autonomous like Hong Kong. you need to go through immigration in macau and Hong Kong and its like you are entering and exiting a different country and they stamp your passport each time. From Wikipedia "Macau was both the first and the last European colony in China. Portuguese traders first settled in Macau in the 16th century and subsequently administered the region until the handover on December 20, 1999". All of the signs in Macau are in portugese, chinese, and english. and the architecture is still very european. crazy right?

this is the ferry i rode to the Casino area in Macau

the Venetian. i guess its supposed to be the coolest.

the Lisboa. crazy lotus flower architecture

inside the venetian.

all these guys were dressed up like gondola guys

the european architecture

the lisboa in the background

portugese something pudding, egg pudding? also ate a portugese egg tart. both so delicious i would smite a baby for another one.

maybe i will get around to posting the panorama but this circle had like 5 or 6 streets coming out of it so thats 5 or 6 triangle shaped corner buildings. the architecture here is really different than hong kong and hong kong's architecture is really different than beijing's.

the ferry back to HK. the ride takes under an hour.

when i saw this guy on the right i couldnt help but think that this is what i'm going to look like when i get older. a 45 yr old, orange hair dyed, velcro casual sneaker, high school backpack, knit cardigan sweater wearing disgusting balding asian man. and i will probably be gay or questionable too. i got off the train and cried all the way home, then accepted my fate. almost all of it. i will not wear my backpack strapped so low that the bag bounces on my a$$ when i walk. i guess that puts me up 1 point. maybe

met jennie to eat at this place. had duck, salted egg, some crap on a plate i forgot what it was, and some other stuff i can't remember. it was all good though

people here are civilized and won't cross the street whenever they want. there were no cars coming at all and no one crossed.

jennie took me to this famous dessert place and we had egg custard. yummaaaaaay. they don't serve any cold deserts there. they are all hot.