Hong Kong - Day 1

Ok here is a quick Hong Kong blurb because us Americans are ignorant about things like HK. From Wikipedia "Along with Macau, Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions and is generally not considered as part of mainland China. Under the "one country, two systems policy, Hong Kong has a high degree of autonomy, is largely self-governing,and maintains a highly capitalist economy."

Hong Kong really knocked my socks off. I went in with no expecations and now I think it's one of my top 3 favorite cities (Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong). I stayed for 5 days, 1.5 ish of which i had food poisoning and was bed ridden! Bob will appreciate that, he would have loved to see me sweating and dying in my hostel bed in the middle of Hong Kong thoroughly not enjoying myself. and i don't blame him because i laughed at him hardily when he was sick in Shanghai. The visuals in Hong Kong are pretty crazy. it might be second to Tokyo as far as crazy stuff to look at and over stimulation. That's because it is one of the most densely populated areas on the planet so there are people swarming over every inch of HK.

on the airport express in beijing

I don't know if they have this in ny yet but they have all these wireless high def advertising displays in lots of places

i dont know if i posted this before but in the airport in beijing you can rate the immigration officers performance. its pretty dumb.

air china has been good twice and bad twice as far as food goes. this congee is like water and i was left starving after eating my "chinese breakfast"

the indonesian (wrong) ITS SINGAPORE airlines stweardesses were looking pretty good in their un orthodox uniforms. ouch! hurt me! I can't believe anyone else besides my mom and Karol Munoz read my blog. a reader from singapore left a not so nice or constructive comment on this blog about how these are Singapore Airlines stewardesses and not Indonesian Airlines. the reader also insulted American geographical knowledge and our ignorance. well duh that is part of being American. anyway i do want to get things right so there's the correction.

on the airport express in Hong Kong. it is much better than beijing's. there is tons of stuff that is better about hong kong. the transportation system is top notch and the easiest i've ridden on. every sign is in english and chinese. and everything runs on common sense. nice job HK you reall sold me on that one.

HK subwa

they use illustration in a lot of ads in HK. I should try to get in there

if you look it says super collagen drink

the hostel. it's a little bigger than the hotel in japan.

normal chinese style to have the shower be the sink and right next to the toilet all in the same little room

view out the bathroom window

they even had custom curtains with a hole for the ac.

the hostel was about $40 a night. there were no towels or toiletries so i had to go buy some. i forgot to buy a towel and forgot every other day too so i just air dried on the bed everyday. some people on this hotel website reviewed this hostel badly but when you're a caveman it doesnt really matter if there are no towels or if it isn't that nice. it was fine, it was pretty much like a chinese apartment.

doremon is big in china and hk. maybe i should just be him for holloween again. they give you these after you buy stuff at 7-11, i guess if you save up enough of these you get something.

HK is a super amazing city if you want color inspiration. the subway stations each have their own analogus color schemes. look at this simply lovely shade of blue that these nice men are painting this building in.

hk is the only tram system in the world that uses only double deckers.

these things are already all peeled for you. but i didnt buy one because they are huge and shouldn't be eaten by one person.

HK people generally shorter than northern chinese people like beijingers who are taller, sorry thats just how it works. this girl was an exception. The fashions in HK are up there with Japan. actually a lot of girls look japanese on purpose because i guess japan is the motherland of fashion, which i can agree with. there are tons of crazy and awesome styles on guy and gals all over the place here

even the fish mongers are stylin'

i didn't buy these, i can't go there but i would imagine that for people that do go there this shop has awesome natural wooden frames and stuff. i like how they dont have any lenses and you're supposed to wear them like that. i would have gotten them but i knew it would only take about three minutes before someone gouged my eyes out because they were following the first rule of thumb when attacked by a bear which is poke their eyes out.

this one is for bob. on the left there were 2 huge tables filled with super delicious looking tofu delights of all shapes and sizes. bob we totally should have gone to HK

blast that chicken

there is amazing contrast between modern buildings next to run down buildings and residential right next to commercial. it looks like there is no zoning going on. im sure there has to be though. everything in HK makes sense so there has to be right?

upon further inspection these weren't sticky rice balls wrapped in a leaf, they are crabs tied up

this guy has no forarms and hands. he attatches a thin brush to his glasses and writes like that.

HK stacks stuff up like nobody's business. especially when you get to the higher elevated areas around the peak. roads just running over each other, left and right, just like in the 5th element or something like that

look at this crazy $10Hk bill! its made out of some plastic polymer or something and has a clear area under that flower thing.

some of the coins like the 10 dollar and 5 dollar coins were like 3x as thick as a regular coin. i was getting so pissed because i kept ending up with a huge buldging pocket full of various coins at the end of everyday.

see how there are 2 differnt kinds of 100$HK and $20HK bills? i found out that there are 3 banks (i think 3) and also the HK money dept or something like that. all 4 of them issue their own notes! that means there are like 4 different kinds of 100$HK, and so on. and it works. It's crazy to see HSBC money!

wen to a bakery to get some egg tarts and stuff. look at these delicious uncut loafs of bread on the shelf. i am a fan of asian sliced bread because it is thicker and heartier. i still have to make some killer french toast out of one of those.

this misc bun was not that good.

look at those glistening roasted birds! don't you just want to just slam your face in the and start chomping away?

haha. this is Jennie. she insists that here name be spelled Jen Nie but i am not going to do that because i am an A-hole. Jennie is my only friend in HK. i knew her from way back in NYC like 6 years ago. she went to parsons and now designs woman's bags. she still looks the same. like an indignent conteptuous little malaysian female oliver twist. oh yea shes maylasian but moved to hk when she was 6 or something and went to international school.

fried fish skin.

i thought this bar table was cool. chinese style

smokes in HK all have these scary images on them

I saw an ad for a McRib sandwich which as a kid was one of my favs. they only had it for a limited time and it was just processed mystery meat smashed into the form of something that resembles a rib. i think it was around the time the flintstones movie came out and had something to do with that. anyway i jumped at the chance later that night to be reunited with that bbq soaked dream sammy. but alas it was not the same and sucked and was not worth being a little mcdonalds whore again


Anonymous said...


Just dropped by yr blog. Its NOT Indonesian air stewardess, its Singapore Airlines stewardess from the country of Singapore. Yes, I am from Singapore!

As u are American, you would NOT know where Singapore is. Its in South East Asia. Thailand is up north, down south is its neighbour Malaysia, down south from Malaysia is SINGAPORE. Further down south from Singapore, separated by the sea is Indonesia!

Sigh, Americans are poorly informed about the world! That's my experience with American travelers when I bumped into them in Europe or Asia!

Jason Raish said...

Thanks for your comment guy. keep reading for more poor information.