A post before Japan

going to japan in 4 hours. Osaka first for 4 days, maybe Kyoto one of the days then Tokyo for 4 days maybe Yokohama for 1 night for this fireworks festival. Will probably spend too much money. This is the last couple of days i've spent here in Beijing. I just wondered around beijing everyday and met people for dinner and what not at night. What a life. when i come back from Japan i have to start doing some work, i can't keep enjoying myself too much or i will turn into garbage.

this street struck me like you could look at it and think its ny.

i liked how it was the right time of day for the sun to be hitting this inverted characters to make it look cool

i was so excited to munch on a couple of these things and then when i got them they were just doughy bread and had very little flavor. I bit the tops off of them and tossed them since they were like 1.8 yuan for the two of them which is like 6 cents each or something. Also now is a good time to mention that bottled water can be got for about 20-35 cents a bottle so my dehydration problem has kind of gone away because they sell it EVERYWHERE and its SO CHEAP.

also a ride on the subway is a flat rate of 28 cents no matter how far you're going. SO CHEAP!

of the the brit girls is going back to brit land after a 5 or 6 year stint in china or something like that.

i've seen a lot of toilet paper with no cardboard tubing in the the middle so you really get your money's worth. i dont know how much toilet paper could possibly cost, like 2 cents?

the Hutongs (alleyways) around sometimes have "cute" and "quaint" little jems hidden in them like this place.

most of the "deli's" or "bodegas" have a yellow phone which is like a little payphone service.

unfortunately calvin P!issing has been bootlegged. here is chinese calvin. On another note i've seen lots of kids p!ssing wherever they want. I saw a mom with her kid up ontop of a garbage can unit thing and he was totally naked just spraying into the air everywhere. the kid was laughing histerically at his creation as well as mom. 10 feet away kids were playing on the same sidewalk, probably in dried up p!ss. despite the unsanitary of the situation it was funny and pretty cute. I envy that little boy SO MUCH. I want to spray in the air with my mother's jolly approval!

there was no way to capture how cute this was with a camera. this little girl had a badmitton racket and a large bunny.

the same hutong at night, i noticed this camera a mile away because it was dark and its red power light was on. cameras are everywhere in this city. i don't know if its a sign of communism or just a sign of being a city. i haven't seen any signs of communism yet because i don't know anyone that's done anything "bad" or don't have a favorite place that is there one week and bulldozed the next.

this is not a good pic but this thing was red hot on the inside. they had a fan stoking the fire and red hot embers were flying out of it into the air. i dont know what was going on inside of it, it looks like some kind of midieval chinese blacksmithing though

my friend used to be a backup signer in this all chinese funk band. we went to go see them play. it was pretty awesome. they have a trumpet, trombone, sax, drums, singer, backups, guitar, bass, and some other stuff. they play james brown and parliment and funk stuff like that.

we went to go eat with the band after the show. this restaurnat had a pic of their employees on the wall
....i think thats wat it is

the first time i've seen this. 1.8 liter stainless steel cans with handles of Tsingtao beer! awesome!

i also thought it was awesome how the waitresses had on this flannel shirts only they were made out of silk!

I still have a hard time putting my bones and grizzle and such on the table like a good chinese person should do. i asked my friend and she said that the polite way is to put it on the table, the rudeway is to put it on the floor. I thought i would go one further and hide it under a cup.

there are tons of retail spaces under rennovation or being made ready for business.


Karol said...

That Karaoke joint looks ridiculous! Hope it was as a fun fun time as duet. Is that where guys take prostitutes? Looks like you're just as popular over there in China as in New York :) Have fun in Japan, im jealous i wanna go so bad, you bastid.