More of the 2nd day after Kyoto

So I made it back to Beijing and will have some time to post up my adventures, which there were a lot of, it will take a lot of posts. All of this was actually on the same day I went to Kyoto, i just had to split it up because it would have been a massive post.

i finally found an atm machine that would accept my card, it was at the post office.

i have seen a fare share of anime movies and shows so it was so cool to hear all the sounds and see all the sights that they always have in these animes like the electric towers and wires everywhere, crows, the train signal bell when you ride by it, clouds (clouds here are off the hook!) etc....

I am just so enamored with Japan. Look at this garbage area of my friends building. It's a far cry from the micro alley on the side of our building in harlem which was like one giant concrete garbage bag where you throw any crap you feel like into it. recycling? no way! garbage bags even? no way. They even have a cleaning hose at each station!

this is what the building looks like.

there was a little coffee factory on the way to the subway.

the people here have amazing style. even look at this old guy! he was all accessorized out. you can't even see the little fanny pack he has on the other side of his body. sweatband

this woman is like a human tanuki (the japanese racoon guy i drew). it looks like she got a double fisted punch from a robot.


this poor little guy was so shweepy

they had huge airconditioner units in this subway station, it was a life saver because its hard to keep reminding you on this blog how balls hot it is there in the summertime.

this is for those of you who like japanese school girls, she even has some little puppy dog stuffed toy and straight bangs.

there are a lot of crazy escalators. some of them go up and then flat and then up again. i know you don't have to thank me for telling you about it.

there was some promomotion for something going on outside of kyoto station. at first i thought maybe its for disney land because maybe that guy is supposed to be goofy and there is snow white but then i was like i dont remember there being a hasidic jewish disney character and a bunch of other weirdos

most of the taxi's here look pretty nice and have those interesting looking side mirrors mounted on the hood. they are always clean and have automatic doors. the japanese really take pride in quality and cleanliness. the downside is its so expensive. it costs $45 to take a cab from shibuya to the hotel in kanda! ouchy.

i was on my own on this day and was faced with the task of navigating not only the subway but the JR lines and the buses and crap. I made it alive. the subway is more complicated than NYC but at least there was no construction or service changes or homeless people or crazies.

after kyoto i went to "America mura". it's a cool area that all the young folks go to and everyone is all crazy styled out.

i am a huge miyazaki fan, i have all his movies. so it was painful when ponyo came out this day and i couldn't go watch it because there would be no english subtitles. I really want to see the movie next to it by the guy that did paprika. like always i will probably have to wait a year for it to be released in america......but wait.......i live in china now! maybe i can just go buy it tommmorow on the street!

all the dirty mags were wrapped in plastic or taped shut. How's a guy supposed to know what he's getting into?

while i was waiting for jonny to come from the subway i drank one of these outside of the convenience store. later he told me that its actually not beer its "hop oshu". i guess they tax beer differently in japan so all the beer companies made this stuff where they changed a couple ingredients so its technically not beer anymore. tastes like beer pretty much though.

we asked this guy who the guy is on the 1000 yen bill and he didnt know and was so embarrased and apologized and said he was ashamed of himself for being bad at being Japanese. I thought it was a girl until later john told me it was a guy. that makes it even funnier.