Miscelaneous Japan Pics and Videos

a bowing geisha thing in Kyoto in one of the shops around Kiyomizu Dera. I was mesmorized by this thing for some reason. maybe it was the heat. Maybe i wanted one of these at my door to bow unfailingly everytime I leave and come home. VIDEO

me going about 180mph on the shinkansen "bullet train" between osaka and tokyo. VIDEO

me again at dinner in shibuya with ayako, yuri, yukari, and the guy i forgot his name.

this is the speedboat stadium in osaka near jonny's house. this is where all those old guys were betting on races. its a panorama CLICK TO ENLARGE!

a panorama of the triangle shaped park in America Mura in Osaka. A very cool area for people watching. lots of young folks and crazy fashions

If you're like me and your japanese beer knowledge was limited to Asahi, Sapporo, and Kirin then you would have been tickled pink when you walked into the grocery store. this is by jonnys house in osaka. There are about a million kinds of Japanese beer/Hoposhu/whatever the new stuff is. I think i managed to try most of them in 8 days, especially thanks to our beer sampling night that night where we got about 10 different kinds. Again with the Japanese it was all quality! i open up beers here in Beijing wether they be Tsingdao or Heieken and a lot of times they are flat and tasting oh so weird.

the beer cooler isle just keeps stretching onward.