Life after Bob

There IS life after bob contrary to what that jerk thinks.

i've had telecommunications madness here. switching between 2 chinese cell phones, my american cellphone (just for the phone book) and my vonage phone to field calls from the US. I know, please don't email me about how cool i am because i already know. I plan on getting oakley sport sunglasses, a trucker hat, an extravagant bluetooth headset thing and 3 or more holster belt clips for my iphone, blackberry and watever else. There will be a form to sign up for my fanclub soon.

i went with angel and ryan(taiwanese graphic designer guy) to this taiwanese restraurant where he knows the owner.

this is the owner

i thought this lamp was cool. it had a little thatched roof on it, or straw roof watever.

taiwan beer tastes good, tastes different. and so did this bowl of fatty pork and rice and stuff

this one is for darkin brown if he ever reads this. Stoli is about $10 us dollars here. i guess there aren't crazy taxes and stuff on alchohol here because most of the bottles were so cheap!

someday i will drink one of these
, 3 liters of asahi

look at this ramen! it even has a fold up fork inside!

Tom, a brit, had a bbq party at his house. he had this cheap grill and it started raining so they tried to make this makeshit tarp out of plastic bags. plasic bags are sort of a commodity here because they have instituted this plasic bag law now where stores are not legally able to give them out for free anymore. so lots of times you see people carrying stuff around in their arms. i mean its a penny to get bags but still its kind of working because i even find myself saying no its ok i dont want to buy a bag i'll just carry it.

here is one of these cucumbers again. and this time it is jason raish enjoying their cool crips and juicy summertime crunch!

here are some "crispy drumstick flavor" lays "MAX" chips. the chips are just not as satisfying here. i don't know what it is.

for all of my buddies that have spent hours in the karaoke trenches in NYC this place would blow your mind. It seriously is like a hotel or something. it was massive. it also was $5 to sing until 8am which we did. Look at this place!

unfortunately this is the book in chinese!

fortunately all the songs are also on this central computer screen and also has english songs.

unfortunately i was not allowed to read any porno mags in there

fortunately i discovered this girl, whatever her name is. I love her. If you are chinese or taiwanese you probably know who she is even from these blurry images. she's a taiwanese singer

there was this crazy juice and drink bar also in the place.

afterwards we ate dimsum at like 8 in the morning.

a mini steamroller thing

another chinese fashion thing i love: this hose socks. these are the moderately gross ones. for better effect i like the ones that go a little higher up , maybe 40 percent up the calf , and really dig in there and ephasize the sausageness of your calves. those are the hottest kind. I will have to take a picture of thoese.

the crazy cctv tower again

i met this guy jin on the train to shanghai. hes korean but has been living in china for 13 years so he speaks chinese and korean fluently and his english is super good. we went to the student district. It was down and dirty party land. reminded me of NB in Korea

this is on guay jie, a street with all spice food restaurants. one of the things we ate was this frog thing.

here is a little froggy ribcage that i nibbled on out of politeness. other than that it tastes like chicken and is the consistency of scallops.

there was a flashflood. when we went into the restaurant there was only rain, when we came out it was like a river in the streets. in this one intersection we drove by i saw people wading through the crosswalk with water up to their knees! crazy! too bad that pic was super blurry so you will have to live with this photo of water almost up to the knees.

this was at the mao livehouse. a big live music venue. they were playing punk, chinese punk which is not so much my scene so i drank a lot of beer instead.

this fish and chips place

this was at this little club later one. this guy who i am assuming is from an african country was in his traditional looking robe and dancing to 70-80's cheese music with the best of them.

and if anyone is wondering i am still using that $15 hair clipper i bought from duane reade in NY.
I like the first pic where you can see the outline of my feet.

the shoes are done and the looks amazing! they fit like a glove too, they are by far the best shoes i have ever owned, they were handmade by this guy in shanghai to me and bob's foot specs and then shipped back up to beijing. I am even thinking about not wearing them as a joke now. they were supposed to go with our white suits. I am thoroughly pleased.