I fogot some China Pictures before I left

guess where this is? a pool hall.

it was massive

this was the ceiling

this is our friends store by the drum tower. her and her husband sell clothes and artsy stuff and cuteness. she is also a designer and illustrator.

here they are putting stuff into boxes

this is one of her artist friends. they sell his or her notebooks there.

we ate at this place. one of them has green chilies floating around in it this time instead of red chilies.

everyone here smokes. there are some intersting package designs. i thought the graphics on this one were pretty awesome. i'm liking the red and gold chinese color schemes in this country. They are also lucky because they can design up and down and horizontally with their type!

these things are in a lot of the subway stations on the stairs. these pictures don't do them justice. they are raised bumps on the stairs that really keep you on your toes. they work out your calves too

they have these stickers on the doors of the subway here. this has an ad on the wall lit up behind it but you can still see that it shows if you stick your finger in the door there will be blood.

i ran out of business cards a long time ago which sucks because i need a bunch of them like everyday. i went to find this printing place downtown amongst the high tech buildings and couldnt find it. It was on the 3rd floor of the building the China World Hotel is in. I asked one of the staff. she showed me, i could not see where i was supposed to go. she ended up walking me there. at first i thought, is she gonna beat me up? she took me up these shady stairs and then onto the rooftop! and then over more rooftops until we finally made it to this printing shop office that was ontop of the hotel rooftop. so weird. i feel better because it would be impossible to find this place on your own
(no signage!) so i know i'm not a totall dumb@ass for not being able to find it.

here it is the office finally.

they are playing some kind of chinese chess or go or something, not majong though.

they put the daily paper up here for people to read. it stretches for a whole block laid out in these cases. i thought that was pretty cool. way to save paper china!

finally i found people playing pong! it was across the street from the suit place. all old people who all look like they could hurt me.

guy flying a kite.


cable Ties said...

Good Work Mr. Ching Cheng, i really likes your pictures