2nd Day Tokyo

this fishing net really prevented me from stealing any luggage.

man hole cover

i was laughing so hard when i found out what this convenience store sign means. there are these convenience stores everywhere and i always thought wat kind of a name is Sun-K-us? what sense does that make. Then akari told me that if you say it fast it is "Thanks" in a japanese accent. GO ON TRY IT, keep on saying it faster until it sounds like Thanks with a japanese accent and you will be laughing too! it sounds kind of like "sanks" when you're all done with it. HHAHAHAHa

there are these lotto booths everywhere too.

wat the hell is wrong with this guy? the woman next to him thinks theres nothing wrong with him and no one else did either but me and akari were laughing big time. if you can't see its a man with silken legs and daisy dukes and wedges! the wedges make me think that he is seriously wearing this stuff because if he were trying to go the other way he would be wearing stilettos or something but not gross wedges.

we ate at this soba place and i was still ravenously hungry. soba never does the trick for me. i've been eating a lot of onigiri (riceballs with seaweed and crap inside) from "Sun-K-us" to save money

i thought i had all i could possible get from china and kyoto with their temples and ceramic tiled roofs but again i was amazed. the massive size and shape of this one is pretty O-some.

here i got my chance to get all weird and spiritual wafting incense onto my soul. Akari said something about Shintoism and not buddhism but i was too busy being a jerk and i remember the word shintoism from highschool but don't remember what thats about so i will have to look it up on wikipedia later.

a fortune something or other station. you pay 100 yen and shake this metal hectogram box and a stick come out with a number on it and you go to the drawer with that number and pull out your fortune on a piece of paper. i got the best one apparently and pretty much everything i want is supposed to come true. I don't believe it. i don't think my head is going to get any smaller now is it?

this guy had a plastic hair thing on his head

this bird and this pigeon were facing off for quite some time.

i got a pic of this sleeping girl, low angle shot yes!

this is like the 5th avenue of tokyo but for some reason it was like bring your harlem to tokyo day.

wat was this woman doing here?
She belongs in Canisteo, NY

this cute little Mofo looked like the japanese young harry potter.

there are a lot of un-pc images in japan (more in the next post). akari said that this publisher got sued or something over these images and i said why are they still on the shelf then and she didn't know.

and here is the miss piggy of japan.
i want to rip that hat right off her head
and puke in it.

a cute information girl

the uniqlo store on the 5th ave of tokyo which i forgot what its called. i got some chino pants there, and no i don't mean the spanish word that catergorizes every asian person i mean chinos like the pants!

this is where i met vivi's buddies. Elephant. pretty cool place in shibuya

Hikari visited vivi when we were roomates living on 52nd street in manhattan.

then later yuk(o?)(i?) came, she also visited vivi when we were roomies. the other 2 i met for the first time, one is actually chinese but grew up in japan and the other is a cosmetics artist teacher or something along those lines

the Yukata that the hotel provides