1st Day Tokyo

this is the Shinkansen "bullet train". it goes up to 300 km/h it says which is about 186 miles per hr. I rode on the one in the middle, the coolest looking one from Osaka to Tokyo. it took about 2.5 hrs and was pretty cool and very spacious.

look at how much mother loving space i get!

did i mention before how amazing the clouds are in japan? i guess its cuz its an island

you can see where miyazaki got his background inspirations. here is a Laputa (castle in the sky) like cloud.

so the hotel was 50 dollars a night and small but it was still ok.

they even give you a flashlight for earthquakes and power outages. AAAAAAND I GOT TO EXPERIENCE AN EARTHQUAKE!!! It actually woke me up in the morning and the whole building was swinging from side to side. My friend Akari that stayed in the hotel also said it was only probably a 3.0 on the scale or something.

here is amanda, yuko, and akari, all from FIT and still have more years of school left.

Yukino and Akari again both from FIT.


This restaurant near the hotel had this obasan who has worked there for a long time. she was nice enough to take a picture with us.

akari's japanese cellphone wasn't activated yet so we had to use a bunch of payphones to call our buddies.

and while she was drinking that i drank one of these bad boys

we met her old buddy "Johnson". it's amazing how japanese people stay friends with all their middleschool/highschool buddies because i met like 8 of akaris highschool buddies in tokyo (they are all from sapporo so i bet they have even more highschool buddies elsewhere!) Then i met a bunch of Vivi's highschool buddies. I guess there was a pop star when they were in highschool with the name "johnson" and thats why johnson is called johnson. I think its pretty funny because you hear them speaking japanese and you hear the word Johnson peppered in there every now and then.

color inspiration at the bar we went to.