Where I live in Beijing

This is my new digs. This is just the townhouse part. shots of the country club type area and streets to come soon. It looks like a california suburb or something. Doesn't look like China at all.

There are about 3-5 of these guys per block. They are around all the time 24-7. Since there are so many people that need employment in China you will see tons of people who basically do nothing, like these guys. I guess they are supposed to be some kind of security or something. They are all young guys and wear red berets. The freak me out a little because they are like the red guard. I told bob he better watch out because one of these days they are going to break his glasses. That will teach you intellectual.

this is actually on the way to the "clubhouse"


kurye said...

güzel bi yer ya bende oturcam bu evde

Anonymous said...

Umm... I need to see some sunlight. Otherwise I am going to think that China is a very depressing looking place. Where is the meat Jason!