Some random stuff

bob was at the height of his fever and we had to stay home all day. at this point i was hating bob SO bad. I told him that that was enough and we were going to get on these bikes and find something to eat (it was about midnight) where we live with our aunt is like a suburb so most places were closed. but much to my delight we found a down and dirty place about a 10 minute ride away. my chinese skills haven't improved at all from what i already knew because i haven't had time to study at all, just practice and use what i already know. i ended up telling the owner to just decide for us what we should eat(i did learn that phrase recently!) and boy did they make a good choice! its this tomato and egg thing on rice and it was delish. even bob was happy about crawling out of his fever ridden bed for our night journey. It's been balls hot everyday so it was actually pleasant and refreshing to ride the bikes and have the summer wind blowing in our flaxen blonde hair.

we ate at this restaurant near an antiques market we shopped at and they told us right after we opened up the chopstick/wetnap pack that is was 1 yuan. thanks a lot.

their specialty was dumplings

since we can only use picture menus we were lucky this place had one. it seems like a trend though that everything we say looks "OH SO YUMMY GIVE ME NOW!" actually is sweet and candy like, further driving home how we are giant man babies. pretty much everything we order that looks good ends up being something that is probably meant to be desert.

they were nice to us though because we spoke only english and they were all embarrassed. if we were chinese they would be very angry, but since we are korean american it seems that everyone is nice to us and laughs and is all cheery

this morning i was riding on the back of my cousin's bike and we hit a speed bump and the back of my foot got grinded off in the spokes. i had to limp around and wear flip flops(which i hate doing!) for a whole day.

this is 1 or 2 days later, it was pretty bad at first. I hope it brought bob a little joy now that it was me that was physically injured

i guess i hit my foot on something and was floored

I guess i just like this combo of pics of bob

this street was awesome. it's near the drum tower. there are a lot of little rooftop places to eat. we were lucky and chose a good not touristy one.

the view of the street from the top

of course the food was delish

tofu sheets, they were almost like fabric!

there is no picture that can describe how steep the stairs were up to the roof of this restaurant. they were almost negative stairs. you had to shove your foot under every step or else you would die. poor waitresses have to run up and down them all night.

there is a club here called suzie wongs that has supposedly been voted best night club/bar watever for the last bunch of years. it also supposedly has a reputation for being able to meet tons of fine young thangs and finding dates and stuff. me and bob stayed for about 20 minutes because we were so creeped out by all the old foreign dudes there preying on chinese women.

these are some of the foreign people we have been hanging out with that angel introduced us to. at least 50% of them are brits. that is fine cuz they are cooler than americans.

this place had snakes in a jar. i dont know if they were for eating, but i assume they are since nothing goes to waste in this country is seems.

this is what happens when chinese people order food. you end up with a table full of the most delicious things you've ever eaten.

look at this guy, how cute is this mother lover? its the first non-gremlin dog i've seen in china.

i like this shot of these guys, old and young, male and female just chillin on a summer night.

this is like 6 in the morning when i finally went home.

the antiques market where we bought a bunch of stuff.

the hair stylist at the beijing riviera, where we live now with our aunt is a middle aged white guy!

this was one of the cutest moments i can remember in china and i failed to capture it in the height of cuteness! this girl was chasing after this little puppy all over and was always 5 feet behind it

these poor guards have to put up with a lot sometimes. most of the time no because they just stand around but sometimes they must oblige the privilaged offspring of the expats here and engage in games such as badmitton. they actually are probably thrilled because it means they are not just standing around.

bob still has a horrible mesquito problem so he tried this chinese bug repellant. it didnt give him a rash much to my dismay and he said it worked.

these were ok. mystery meat.