A shopping post

so we asked around and our Brit friend alex recommended this suit place, he had a bunch made here and got a good price. it happens to be at the Yashow market, the place where the girls in the pink shirts raped bob the first time he came here.

picking out fabric

picking out lining. ours cost more than normal because we chose silk lining. but hey i like to feel silky

bob getting is 11 inch chest measured

now comes the bargaining time which took a while. i hate bargaining, its such a waste of time i think. i don't enjoy it. we ended up getting these suits for about $150. we did get our matching white suits, i got a chocolate brown pinstripe 3 piece also and bob got a 2 piece navy pinstripe as well. they are being made now so i will post when they are ready! we also got matching white wingtip shoes made for $100 and i still have to find a hat place.

there are a lot of weird and questionable models of cars here. VW is big i just found out cuz they have a deal with shanghai automotive so thats why there are so many VWs here. buick also has a deal with them. above is a VW "Magotan"

VW "Sagitar"

nisan TIIDA
. I don't know anyting about cars so i don't know if these are weird or not but i've never seen them in the states

the antiques market had a few stores that sold huge engraved and carved "ivory" tusks. no way can these be real!

the antique market was pretty awesome. we went there twice actually. you could shop there for weeks and not see everything. lots of it was not antique but lots of it was. we probably were able to recognize about 1 percent of what was antique and wat wasn't because we're american and also stupid

look at jackie so happy to endorse these dumplings

there are a lot of these bug zappers in the convenience stores.

I f'ing love cheetos so i had to try these chinese ones. i dont know what the flavor was but they were ok.

of course there are no nutrition facts on the back. if they are anything like american cheetos then i just ate over 100% of my daily fat intake.

a shot of a bunch of stuff we bough

mini kite box is cool

for some reason i loved this little plushy guy

bobs mini decorative kites

even that bag at the plushy and kite store was cool! we went back twice

bob bought this at the antiques market. bob folds very easily and we always pay too much for stuff he wants!

bobs abacuses for his math buddies

"dvds" here are $1.40 each. so far all of them have worked in the region 1 machine. its pretty awesome, there isn't even anywhere to buy legit copies.

then on the other hand it isnt awesome. especially when you're my mentor John Nickle. His children's book was made into a movie a few summers ago. "The Ant Bully" now here it is in china pirated and ready to buy for $1.40 while poor scholastic and john nickle don't make a dime.

here is ratatoing. i think that they are not trying to pull a fast one here but its funny how they didnt bother changing anything about this movie.

i thought these things where cool. you cut out the paper and fold them together. i will do it someday. i wish i could just leave it laying around in the graphics lab and then Rodel would come along and put it together for me.

these are actually from the forbidden city. they are the most quality things we bought. i love these. the are statues that were in the forbidden city. the turtle was outside the hall of supreme harmony and i forget where the deer was, it was next to a dragon.

i love this deer statue so much, i dont know why, im really into the chinese deer treatment.

this is me and bobs brotherly bond. we both got a turtle. we will put them on our desks and face them towards each other wherever we are in the world. how cute and gay is that.