Shopping Adventures

Bob's bug bite problem's are far from over. He says he hasn't slept more than 4 hours for the last 3 days because he has been either: bitten all night, hot and sweaty, or paranoid about being bitten. Nightly he must spend at least half an hour scanning all of the rooms of the house for mesquitos because they will for sure seek out his sweet flesh once the lights go out. Here we follow bob on one of his nightly mesquito scans.

we finally at an amazing peking duck. we ate one before at an inferior restaurant. this one was expensive and very nice and the service was on point. they even take you through the kitchen to the huge duck oven and let you pick out the duck you want. I can definitely recommend this place "Da Dong Peking Duck".

the huge duck oven area behind glass and the chefs/chefs in training

the spread of fillings and sauces. plum sauce, garlic sauce, radishes, cucumber, some other stuff we don't know what it is.

they spent about 10 minutes skillfully carving the duck.

the duck at this place is "special" because they somehow eliminate the layer of fat and leave the skin juicy and crispy. and boy was it! you dip it in this big grain sugar and it tastes like the fattiest, sweetest candy concoction i've ever tasted.

you also can wrap the duck and fillings in these "pancake" wraps

or these sesame things.

they even gave us double mint gum at the end, not some cheap korean gum where you need to chew 3 pieces of it to do the job.

area around the Da Dong Duck place with a bunch of lanterns

see how they have me boxed in now? These places are where you're supposed to bargain like a Mother lover which i hate doing. you're supposed to walk away a couple times when they tell you their price and then lower it.

these places are crazy and visual overload. very exhausting. i hate shopping.

outside there were yummy snacks to be had

these were fried fish on a stick.

this is some fish mashed fried concoction.

shots of a bar called china doll that we had to get a drink in because we were caught in the rain. we should come back later when its not a week night because i hear that it is one of the "hot" clubs.

some drivers here wear white gloves, it really does add a touch of class.

i can't claim responsibility for this but this is one of the squatter toilets in action.


Anonymous said...

MMMMmmmm... food and nekid strofoam lady thingies.