Bob's Departure

as a lot of you know me and bob are getting some suits made. we also got shirts and shoes made. this is at the shirt shop. i told bob to go get his shirts while i was gettin my suit fitted and he came back wearing this. i told him that we were going back over there and getting your shirt fixed because the whole great thing about getting shirts made is that now we don't have to look like we are getting ready for our 6th grade band concert and can have shirts that actually fit.
hes getting it pinned back here or something but before it was huge.

this is one of the signs above our suit maker shop.

i got a 3 piece. it doesnt not look chocolate brown here at all, this camera is suck so bad.

i got some crazy silk lining pattern on the inside.

there is this really cool street near the drum tower. everyone was eating these and there were these cups everywhere. we had to try it and they were a delicious custard kind of thing. and even better they didn't turn into liquid in the opposite ends of our pants!

this is a common site here, people in their pjs walking around.

bob said F you jason by this time tommmorow i will be a vegetarian again, I AM EATING KFC!!!!! so we did.

this was the best thing bob could possibly ask for as a last meat eaters meal. it was some kind of steak wrapped in bacon. it tasted like buddah chewed each piece himself and turned it into sweet sweet meat butter

we went out with the brits and angel and others that night.

bob got these chicken feet at a 7-11 type convenience store. i wonder if he got through customs with them? or his "dvds"

happy trails bob. I will see you in Japan. it's kind of sad not having bob around now.


Jung Eun said...

chicken feet in 7-11~~ yak
but pjs on the street~ how convenient!!