4th day out in Beijing

our 4th day out in Beijing. another 12 hr walking day. weather was sunny at hot. We went to Bei hai park which is on a lake. it was the home of Kublai Kahn who lived in the white pagoda. at this point our bodies are destroyed from walking 12 hrs everyday this week. but onward we press in the quest to soak up and document the amazing sights.

view from the white pagoda (aka kublai khan's house)

add for World Wildlife federation. there are little panda logos that make up this graphic!

the first street art i've seen in beijing. my friend said that you don't see a lot of it because it gets cleaned up so soon because of the massive number of people that are employed everywhere to clean stuff up.

we went to Bei Hai park. it houses the White Pagoda which is where Kublai Kahn lived. its was pretty aweseome and me and bob photographed the Sheit out of it.

another WWF ad with pandas as the graphic element

we ate soup dumplings at this place. at some point in time the NY times said it was one of the top 10 restaurants in the world. it tasted awesome, bob was blown away.

this was at "the Pavillion" a cool place with a big outdoor area. it is new york prices though! i can't believe how many people can afford this stuff.

me and bob like to call these the death boxes. a person fits in there a squished and if you were to get rear ended you would die so easily.

i was going to pounce on bob like a leopard but i would have hurt myself since we have been on a 12 hour walking day regiment and my feet are all bruised up and my body is destroyed.

this whole street got a deal from the sign making guy or they all had to share letters or something but either way they got bad grammar and spelling thrown in for free!

bob loves these brooms. he said they are the one piece of chinese technology that is superior.


they do this cool thing here where they put a special slip case over your coat or belongings so things dont get spilled on them by the servers. good thing they did or that little drop of something would have landed on my bag!

check out the cool long matches at "the pavillion"

red bean dessert at the soup dumpling place

guy doing tai chi at bei hai park


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... You took enough pictures so now I feel like I am there with you guys. Keep it up!

Karol said...

habichuelas rojas dessert!???!!!! It's like my heaven!

Cool new pix, i really enjoyed the bit of graphic design you threw in there, but i'd like to see pictures of you two and a real panda... the cutest animals in the world! all in one pic :)

Anonymous said...

What was that pile of crap on a plate with creme sauce?!