9-13th Days out in Beijing

this isn't the only restaurant i've seen so far that wraps its dining set in plastic

wat we ate there

it's sad but me and bob went to karaoke alone, just the two of us. Here it's called "KTV" This one is the only one i've been in so far. It was a mega swanky nice place. nothing like the holes in NYC

I saw this sign and had to eat icecream there. I wanted to be a little pony riding on an extremely long soft icecream cone.

This place Isaac is in the Korean section of the college district. I was so excited about this place when i saw their light up menu sign outside i could have sheit myself. And the the sandwiches delivered! they were delicious. then we went down to the pony riding the icecream cone place a couple stores down and then i sheit myself.

we went to this live music club in the college district. This guy Louis invited us out and we met this guy robert in this pink shirt. he is a guitar player. He is also similar to superman/clark kent. When we met him he was a civilian, asian guy glasses sliding down nose, goofy guy. When he stepped on stage he took the glasses off and turned into Mr. Intenso and jammed out on the guitar sending hot licks flying left and right. Me and bob were like "holy.." Robert is turnin' it out!

they had a lot of cool art on the walls. even this poster for some past event was cool and done by some artist.

me and bob got a full body message. our friend angel took us to her favorite place. his message wear fit and mine didn't

it was a painful experience. didn't really feel good. I was trying really hard not to laugh because not only the sight of seeing bob getting a message next to me was making me laugh but even the sound of bob's back getting all wacked out was funny. there were times when i wanted to scream for my mommy. she kept stabbing this spot on my shoulder blade over and over.

while we were waiting for a taxi in front of the house i decided to have a little fun. we put my cousin and his friend's bikes up in a tree and on top of the shed. i told my aunt we were teaching them life lessons and honing their problem solving skills with real life examples.

bob in all his glory. full frontal shot!

a huge "TV" in front of this mall in the Chaoyang district.

a little convenience store.

this cantonese place has all the chinese last names on the wall.

4 second long exposure in a really dark alley.

these guys were at the live music venue and they were playing warcraft on their laptops! come on now!

a bar me and bob went to. the DJ kept smoking cigs and talking on the phone and pushing buttons. No turntables. probably a computer or Ipod hooked up. all 1 handed dj'ing

i wish our camera's didn't suck so bad. me and bob both have those little canon powershot sd1000's. they were the best compromise in size and quality since they are the smallest you can get. the downside is the pictures they take and the lack of most manual controls. this shot looked amazing but the camera was just not able to take it correctly! the other downside is i would not want to carry a big digital slr around either.

where we live by night

ramp escalator

much like the US, workers often stand/sit around and watch 1 guy work. It just looks more alarming here because there are so many people employed that it means there are more guys sitting around watching one guy rake leaves.


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You like my extremely long soft ice cream cone don't you!