7th day out in Beijing

We went to a Kung Fu Show at the Poly Theatre and it was pretty awesome. I ate at this taiwanese restaurant and it was awesome. I failed to take a picture of this amazing "toast". its a loaf of fried bread with gravy like stuff poored in with shrimp and veggies. its amazing. I will be back for that and take a photo then.

bob just wouldnt get into it

pizza hut in china. all the american fast food chains here are super nice and well staffed and friendly and clean. opposite what it is in the states. their menus are very different also.

a little kids toilet. I wish i got my own round mini toilet kiosk. I would have used it but like everywhere else there were many bathroom employees there to shame me.

this is mcdonalds. they have to give a picture menu to stupid foreigners

i was digging the mcdonalds uniform, beret and matching fanny pack

this is still mcdonalds. a pleasantly lit, friendly family fun time place

i took this at some mall thinking it was amusing how her arse said teenie weenie. i later found out this is actually a chinese brand and lots of chinese girls arses say teenie weenie.

i snapped this photo at the nike store before one of the many security guards said not pictures. i think these things are pretty cool. nike did a good job with their whole red and gold chinese color schemed displays.

an intresting maniquin

this is very funny and delightful for me. Bob has had a very bad bug bite problem. below is a tour of bobs body. I have on mesquito bite on my neck but bob is covered with them. for some reason chinese bugs love bob. we were just sitting there talking about it and a several times mesquitos would fly up to bob and try to bite him and he would start flailing his arms wildly in the air and freaking out. Bob's nerves are shot. they come for him in the night. its pretty funny. it's like a zombie movie. outside the window before we go to bed at night you can see millions of mesquitos at the screen dying to get at bob. we have to close the curtains , lock the door, and scan the room everynight before he goes to bed or poor bob will wake up drained of his blood. I don't know why i dont get any bites but it makes it that much more hilarious.

they bit the sheit out of bobs face at night!

this is the amazing CCTV building. its not completed yet and won't be before the olympics.

where we saw the kung fu show. no photography allowed.

the taiwanese restraurant had mirrors on the ceiling


Anonymous said...

Teenie Weenie... That is a woman that is looking for a date with Jason.