2nd day out in Beijing

So bob wanted to do the next blog post but he can't really do that when he's sleeping now can he? today i woke up at 6:30 instead of 4am so my time difference is getting better. I have been doing 20 hr days and have exhausted bob. I guess i am just lusting for life a little more than bob this week. we walked around downtown beijing where there are lots of big buildings and skyscrapers so less interesting pics in my opinion. We met Angel for lunch at a homestyle cantonese restaurant. the beef blew our minds, it was like butter. there was also cantoese duck, roast pork, and some soup thing. The thing about chinese food is because the country is so huge it has tons of regions and each region has its own kind of food, so its super hard to remember all of this food (later that night we would go to a yunnan province restaurant and have our minds blown again and again).

this was some rainbow bridge along the way and it was just waiting for the last link to be added.....hello beijing, i'm here and i'm gay and i'm here to stay!

this is seriously the first homeless/crazy/undesirable i've seen in beijing so far in 2 days. i'm sure the olympic taskforce/etc... will be along very very soon to sweep him away and put him wherever the rest of them are until after the olympics.

they're doing crazy achitectural things out here, connecting buildings left and right

we rode the subway today. i was hoping for a big disastrous adventure but it was fine and easy. i wish we were more young and stupid and less old and calculating now

agreeable feelings tobacco and alcohol shop

this is at the yunnan style restaurant. they kept brining out more and more food, of course we dont know how or what to order so our new buddies did it all. all of it blew our minds. there is mint beef there that is like butter. There also was a "black duck" they dont know why its black but its kind of freaky looking but it was all cilantro'd up or some chinese equivalent and was amazing.

we drank a lot of these dali beers, they are big like the size of two beers at least.

this was hilarious. this is one of the many markets where you bargain for stuff. there were all these girls in pink shirts at each stall hassling anyone who walked by. bob of course is not of an aggressive nature and so he was eaten alive by a torrent of these pink girls. i turned around and they were stuffing shoes on his feet. all he could do is look sheepish and say no. but they are very aggressive. i felt the air bubbles in the "nike airs" that were shoved on his feet and they felt hard as a rock. i said get those things off your feet. as we were trying to escape down the aisle two girls chased after bob and were grabbing him and his arms physically. and he was like lifting the up off the ground trying to get them off him. i was laughing so much the whole time. Bob being the pacifist that he is just kept saying all stiff faced and slowly "no.....no.......no." as he slowly tried to move his arms away. a few minutes later he showed my aunt his arm and it had red scratch marks on it. too funny!


Anonymous said...

Where are the pics of the hot ladies, like you promised? Don't let me down, bro!

Anonymous said...

Buttery Meat! MMMmmmmmm... yeah where is all the hot babes? Angel still wants a Jason Raish art piece with a Jason Raish signature, Angel is the 8 year old. I told her you were kewl, but you can deny that all you want. She still likes your artwork Jason.