1st Night out in Beijing

I met a few people via flickr a few months ago that live in beijing via my artwork and stuff. Tonight me and bob met one of the girls for dinner. She works at Ogilvy here in beijing (huge global ad agency). We went to the Hou Hai Lake area. It is way cool there. a big bar area. The big difference is that everything is lit very cool with lanterns and its on the lake. There was a stretch of about 20 bars that all featured "live music" combinations of one guy and one girl singing into mics. each bar right next to each other had this equation going on! we didnt take any pics of these because outside of each one was a guy trying to get you to go inside and we wanted to avoid that because as our friend Angel said this music is all rubbish.

good ol asian style squatter toilets

the other side of the bridge had a serene, quaint hutong scene happening. some girl was playing the chinese flute too. very cool

this was a cool scene, CLICK TO ENLARGE

Angel ordered us this stuff called "yellow wine" and it was heated and poored into these special ceramic cups that had hot water inside the big cup surrounding the little cup. how cool is that!

this is at the grocery store in the clubhouse of where i live. its this really tiny store but for some reason they have an amazing selection of beer. old speckled hen in a can? paul anner in a can? check!


Karol said...

awesome new pics! sounds like the excitement finally hit you.. i'm glad! And 70 cents for a meal is amazing!

Keep having an good time Raish brothers!

Anonymous said...

Where is the meat!