Meat Lover's Skillet, a Raish Bro's Tradition

The Raish Brothers have a tradition, and that is making the infamous "Meat-Lovers Skillet". That was until Bob became a vegetarian after he went to college. It broke my heart. No more meat for Bob? It felt as if we were Sikh and he had cut off his hair after 20 years (you're not ever supposed to do that in the Sikh religion). For the last 6 years there has been no Meat-Lover's Skillet.......until now! Since Bob is eating meat in preparation for his trip to China and putting he moral dilemmas aside we have once again created this holy grail of Cholesterol and Fat. Just look at this thing, it's a week's worth of meat in one sitting. We stole this idea from the Denny's chain restaurant (home to late-night scum everywhere) but made it better.

and now I feel gross.

Meat Lover's Skillet Ingredients:

1. bed of potatoes, peppers, and onions
2. corned beef hash
3. bacon
4. breakfast sausage
5. canadian bacon
6. spam
7. shredded cheddar cheese
8. eggs over easy
9. tobasco sauce
10. grease
11. grease
12. grease


Anonymous said...

More meat next time! What is with the friggin potatoes and cheese. Just meat! Damn woosies...