Totoro Times Square photoshoot

I was kicked out of starbucks

Since I haven't been having any "misadventures" in NYC besides drinking and being an a-hole i thought i would post this up. This was my holloween costume a couple years ago. It's Totoro, a japanese cartoon character. We did a photoshoot in times square one night and took a couple video clips of me chasing this girl down times square. Those were the good old days when i really put my creativity to use.


a profile angle of the chase. there were guys on the other side of the street yelling "YEA!!! get that b!@#$@!!!!!"

don't worry i didn't go to jail... at least not yet

this one has a funny little jump at the end. mind you that thing is super uncomfortable. but if it looked comfortable it would'nt be as funny now would it? I am looking for suggestions on what i should be next year when i am in china. I believe that they don't celebrate holloween just the expat community so It would be fun to be wearing some huge costume and be one of those american "a$$holes". Any suggestions on what i should be next year?